Microsoft simplifies naming, drops “Series” from Windows Phone 7

Ms_wp7 Late last week, someone at Microsoft decided that the naming of their upcoming Zune-inspired smartphone OS, formerly known as Windows Phone 7 Series, could use a little tweaking. Turns out that by dropping the final part of the name, Windows Phone 7 rolls off the tongue much easier, yet still conveys the same message that Microsoft is trying to get across, which is that WP7 is a complete break from the past Windows Mobile 6.x platform. So consider it done, according to Microsoft's official Twitter feed.

While on the subject of name changes, what exactly was wrong with the Windows Mobile moniker that eventually succeeded that of the older Pocket PC? At least with a name like Windows Mobile 7, Microsoft would have a better fit if they decided to get into the non-phone tablet arena like Android, yet still maintain the familiarity with the platform. I guess they figure it's going to be smartphones or bust from here on out, which is a shame considering WP7 would be a nice alternative for a mid-sized 5-inch tablet like the Dell Mini 5.

Since Microsoft officially nixed a Windows Phone 7 Series upgrade for the hot HTC HD2, maybe users can still hold out hope since there hasn't been an official denial for the "new" Windows Phone 7. Well, we can dream, can't we?

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