New Android recipe for Verizon is Incredible, coming April 29th

Droid_incredible As the wait continues for Verizon customers eager to get their mitts on the delayed Nexus One, the Big Red decided to concoct an all-new recipe. First, they went shopping at the HTC market and gathered the ingredients. After a pinch of Snapdragon, a dash of EVO 4G, a drop of Nexus One, and an Eclair thrown in for good measure, the new dish is ready.

The HTC Droid Incredible has now been officially outed by Verizon, and it's coming to us on April 29th, starting at $200 on contract and after mail-in rebate. Pre-orders will commence on April 19th through Verizon, with Best Buy kicking things off a day earlier and offering up the new handset for $200 out-the-door. Motorola Droid owners, your time at the top of the Verizon food chain may be quickly coming to an end.

HTC has borrowed the best features, minus HDMI-Out, from its current and upcoming lineup and combined them into one device, such as the 3.7-inch 480 x 800 AMOLED capacitive screen from the Nexus One, the 8MP camera with dual-LED flash seen on the EVO 4G, and both the optical joystick and SenseUI found on the Legend. Packaged together with the ever-popular 1GHz Snapdragon, 8GB internal flash storage for media, and Android 2.1, this all equals arguably the best Android device currently available in the US.

So is this newest member of the Droid family what you Verizon loyalists have been waiting for, or can you stand to wait a bit longer for the Nexus One? Of course, jumping ship to Sprint and the EVO 4G would be completely understandable, as well.

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