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Undoubtedly the biggest shortcoming of the Fujitsu UH900 mini notebook is its small lithium-polymer battery (2-cell, 1800mAh), which can be coaxed into working for 3.5 hours but generally calls it a day after about 2 to 2.5 hours. This obviously isn't enough to use the device freely throughout the day, so it's a good thing that the UH900 extended battery (4-cell, 3800mAh) is now available and shipping from

The large-capacity batteries for previous Fujitsu U series models were unsightly because they stuck out from the back of the device (the Kohjinsha SC3 suffered from this too). Fortunately, the UH900's design saves it from this embarrassment.

First, a quick reminder of the standard battery:

Fujitsu_uh900_stnbatt (2) 

Fujitsu_uh900_stnbatt (3) 

Fujitsu_uh900_stnbatt (1) 

Now an image of the extended battery by itself, followed by some side-by-side comparisons of the two:

Fujitsu_uh900_extbatt (1) 

Fujitsu_uh900_extbatt (2) 

Fujitsu_uh900_extbatt (3) 

Fujitsu_uh900_extbatt (4) 

You can't really tell from the pictures, but the extended battery is matte and the standard one is glossy. The former is also very clearly black while the latter is dark brown.

Here's how the extended battery looks on the UH900:

Fujitsu_uh900_extbatt (6) 

Fujitsu_uh900_extbatt (7) 

Fujitsu_uh900_extbatt (5)

Not too bad looking for a battery, I'd say.

In addition to more than doubling the UH900's runtime, the bigger battery still lets me use my PDair leather case, which is another plus for me. It doesn't fit as comfortably (second photo below) as when the standard battery is attached (first photo below), but the magnetic snaps are still able to close and it does fit.




:: Visit the Fujitsu UH900 forum to connect with other owners, share tips, and troubleshoot ::

The extended battery is available from for ~$150.

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