So what does everyone else think of the iPhone 4G?

Iphone_4g Unless you've been completely off the grid from Saturday evening through this afternoon, you've probably noticed that Apple was caught with their pants down, exposing the next-gen iPhone to all of us against their will. Thanks to an extra-thirsty Apple engineer named Gray Powell who momentarily lost control of his senses and his prized prototype last month, we have the flash of events at Engadget and Gizmodo that is now becoming even more clear.

There is almost no doubt this is the iPhone 4G that will be unveiled to coincide with iPhone OS 4 at Apple's WWDC in June, maybe with a few slight tweaks here and there. Thanks to Gizmodo and their willingness to drop $5000 to get the scoop, we know there will be a front-facing webcam and an improved camera with flash. The screen, while just a smidge smaller, has a much higher pixel density, and the SIM slot has moved to the side, where it will now house a microSIM like the iPad 3G.

Also, the iPhone 4G just looks more serious and grown-up, a slab-sided beast that is thinner and home to a larger battery than its 3G/3GS predecessors. The all-aluminum edging is broken up by three questionable seams and also contains individual round volume buttons. The back side is comprised of some type of glass or ceramic material, most likely for improved reception.

Personally, I really dig the new design and hope it doesn't change much between now and June, but I'm curious to hear what everyone else thinks. Do the seams bother you, or do you prefer the now-dated design of the current iPhone? Are the looks even important, or is it more about the OS and what's inside? Is the change to a microSIM a no-go for SIM switchers who rotate multiple devices? iPhone fans, please chime in, and as for Apple haters, go ahead and join us too. Somehow you always seem to make it entertaining.

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