Toshiba partners with Compal for Tegra 250 powered tablet PCs


Toshiba previously announced its intention to re-enter the hotly contested tablet market saying it would launch a whole line of devices. Following some recent announcements, we now have a better idea of what to expect from the company later this year. Liliputing reported at the end of last week that Toshiba would be taking a play out of Asus' book by also developing two tablets, one running Android and the other a version of Windows. Some information from Reuters suggested that the Windows version would be a larger, netbook sized, dual-screen clamshell device running Windows 7.

But the latest information from DigiTimes states that the company has partnered with Compal to produce tablet PCs using nVidia's next-generation Tegra 250 processor. This is an interesting development because not only will the new tablets be plenty powerful, but they are likely to be manufactured by a bit of a MID specialist as well. Compal-manufactured products, such as the KAX15 and the Aigo P8860, have previously been featured on the pages of Pocketables, and we may possibly have caught a glimpse of the future Toshiba tablet in the form of a Tegra 250 prototype 7" tablet (shown above) at CES earlier this year along with the Asus Eee Pad. On the other hand, using the ARM-based Tegra 250, a Windows version of the Toshiba tablet is likely to use Windows CE, rather than Windows 7. Nevertheless I will be looking forward to seeing what Toshiba and Compal have in store for us. Check out another photo of the 7" Compal Android tablet after the break.


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