Vaporware and fraud are strong possibilities with Enso zenPad tablet

Now here's an interesting read for your Friday morning from the gang over at Engadget, which involves tales of deceit, fraud, and just overall shenanigans. With a description like that, it would be easy to assume it's a new blockbuster movie, but it's actually a paper trail of events and links that they've been following since the Enso zenPad was unveiled late last month and covered by numerous tech blogs.

To refresh your memory, the zenPad, itself a clone of the eviGroup Wallet from way back when, was a 5-inch Android tablet supposedly available to purchase for well under $200, either direct from the enso-now website or through multiple eBay auctions. After countless delays, faked feedback, constant story-changing, and lots of shady PayPal maneuvers by the "company," customers who had preordered the device starting doing some digging and found that SMIT, the actual manufacturer of the real device, has not done any business with Enso other than one prototype unit.

To make things even more interesting, SMIT claims that the device is not capable of 3G mobile broadband, clashing with what Enso is saying and selling with the optional 3G dongle. After reading through most of the story, it's all starting to look very fishy to me, especially the "3G" logo in the screenshot above, as well as the Motorola "M" logo on the USB adapter. Stay tuned for more on this ongoing saga, but this kind of news can't be good for all of these no-name Android tablets coming out.

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