Acer could be next with an Android tablet, shows off 7-inch prototype

Acer_lanci With Apple enjoying unparalleled sales of its iPad and the overall tablet market continuing to grow without an end in sight thanks to Android, it's truly amazing that one of the world's largest computer manufacturers has been eerily quiet. There have been rumors that Acer would enter the MID market, but this is the first concrete evidence we've seen that it's finally ready to join not only HP's upcoming webOS entry, but the scores of other inexpensive Android tablets coming out.

Shufflegazine recently attended a press event and was witness to Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci's unexpected unveiling of a 7-inch Android tablet. Resembling an e-book reader due to the portrait orientation and hardware keyboard, the tiny Acer does indeed feature a color touchscreen, but not much is known beyond that. Lanci wouldn't disclose any other specs or even a price, but did hint at an embedded 3G module, which could make it attractive for carriers.

Due sometime in Q4 2010, the Acer tablet could find itself in a dogfight for attention by that time, as companies scramble to see who will be the second-place Pepsi to Apple's Coca-Cola.

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