All-white iPhone 4G surfaces in almost complete form, looks great


Over the past week or so, there have been multiple leaks of what appears to be a white faceplate for the next-gen iPhone, or iPhone 4G, which would be quite a departure from the usual color scheme that Apple has favored lately. Ever since the original iPhone, the faceplate has always been black, either mated to an aluminum back or, like for the past few years, a black or white plastic back.

Now we have visual proof of the leaked white faceplate mounted on the now-familiar body of a prototype iPhone 4G, very similar to what is expected to be announced by Apple early next month. Whether Apple releases an all-white version of its smartphone is still up in the air, because this could merely be the fine work of a Chinese company doing a knock-off version of the device.

One more picture after the break, plus a set of gorgeous renders done by an apparent Apple fan.

When I think of Apple products, white and aluminum are the colors I think of first, maybe due to all those years of using iMacs and iBooks. Both of my last two iPhones, a 3G and 3GS, have been the white versions, so the thought of having that color continue around to the front has me even more excited to see what Apple has in store at WWDC.

The last two pictures below are renders that were posted over at an Italian site named iSpazio.


[ via Engadget via MacRumors]

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3 thoughts on “All-white iPhone 4G surfaces in almost complete form, looks great

  • Apple will need more than that to compete with Google…

  • iPhone 4G is looking ok in comparison to iPhone 3G and 3Gs. I like the shape of 3Gs more. It is great news for iPhone 4G lover as they are eagerly waiting to buy it.


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