Another next-gen iPhone gets loose, teardown reveals A4 processor


Like it or not, the next-gen iPhone is exactly what we've seen in the last few weeks, seams and all, and now we're being treated to an even better look at a prototype that looks to be closer to the production line. With Apple throwing its annual WWDC party and iPhone announcement in a mere three weeks, it's too late to make changes, so thanks to the Tinhte website out of Vietnam, we at least know more of what's on tap.

While very similar to the unit Gizmodo "borrowed" last month, there are a few subtle changes like the lack of screws next to the dock connector and the actual silk-screened "16GB" capacity on the back cover. Luckily, this latest prototype to take a leave of absence from Apple's labs has not had the misfortune of a remote killswitch being flipped, so it at least turns on. Even though the screen now works and shows a definitive high-resolution screen, the iPhone has some type of diagnostic firmware and was not able to be recognized by iTunes.

Continue on for some more info, along with more pictures and a video of the iPhone that will be duking it out with the EVO 4G this summer.

The newest teardown is where things get very interesting, now that the new iPhone is shown to have the same silicon heart beating inside as the iPad, the Apple-designed 1GHz A4 system-on-a-chip. According to the close-up photos of the two processors, the numbers match up exactly, so Qualcomm will have some widespread competition for the Snapdragon that's finding a home in many new Android smartphones.

This afternoon, iFixit has further analyzed some of the parts and has determined that the included Samsung DRAM part number indicates 256MB RAM, making it the same amount as the current iPhone 3GS. Also, they found an "N90 PRO2" label, which they claim matches up with the "N90" product ID of the next-gen iPhone. As for the "PRO2" section, it more than likely stands for a second-version of a prototype or production unit.


Myself, I love the new design and the added features that Apple is bringing in iPhone OS 4.0, so just seeing more of these leaks and hearing the rumors only confirms that I'll be upgrading my iPhone very soon, AT&T eligibility or not. So who's with me?

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