Dell Streak officially landing in UK by June, US to follow later in summer

Streak_1 Surprise, surprise! Well, actually the only surprise is that it's taken Dell this long to release its first Android tablet, one that's been in the public eye since last year. Coming exclusively to O2 next month in the UK through various outlets, the Dell Streak will have virtually the same specs we have known about for what seems like forever now.

Initially running Android 1.6 on the ever-popular 1GHz Snapdragon processor, the Streak features front and rear cameras, 16GB internal flash storage (expandable to 48GB), and a custom UI. Also, this will be the first landscape-oriented Android device to feature official support for the Android Market. Later in the year, Dell has promised an OTA update to Android 2.2, or Froyo, which just made a splashy debut at Google's I/O conference last week and will enable access to Flash 10.1 web content.

Later this summer, Dell expects the Streak to be available here in the US, with AT&T as the most likely carrier due to the GSM-nature of the smartphone innards. Pricing is unavailable, but there is a new video from a member of the Streak's development team after the break, which goes over some of the finer points of what should be a highly-sought after smartphone / tablet / MID.


[Direct2Dell via Engadget

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6 thoughts on “Dell Streak officially landing in UK by June, US to follow later in summer

  • I think it’s going to have a hard time competing with 4.3 inch phones like the motorola shadow.

  • My interest in the Streak is down to almost nothing, especially now that I already have my EVO 4G (received yesterday!) It just took Dell too long, and who knows if there is going to be a delay still for the US market.

    Seeing that picture of the Streak being used as a phone cracks me up and reminds me of my very first Treo 300 from Sprint, which was a flip-design. It seemed like it was about a foot long when opened and next to my ear.

    The EVO trumps the Streak in every way possible, especially for US residents who can utilize the 4G bandwidth.

  • It also depends on the price. I don’t know how much will the Dell Streak cost, but I suppose it will be significantly cheaper then the EVO 4G.

    But what confuses me is the Dell talks about turn-by-turn navigation, but I haven’t seen GPS mentioned anywhere in the HW specs.


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