Getting close to a new season, the “Summer of WiMAX”

4g_evo There's been some serious 4G overload the last few days, which makes it hard to figure out where to start, but one thing has become crystal "Clear", and that's the obvious position of strength that Sprint and its next-gen wireless partner find themselves in. With many of us chomping at the bit to get our hands on the EVO 4G, at least we now know our wait is getting shorter as the list of 4G cities grows longer.

According to the crew over at Phandroid, an insider has tipped that Radio Shack will begin preorders towards the end of this month, with the actual release date lining up to be either June 6th or June 13th. Designated experts at each Radio Shack and Sprint store should start receiving their training devices on May 17th, with training commencing on the 24th, as per user rebella at AndroidForums.

For those of you wondering how to take advantage of the blazing 4G speeds in the EVO 4G, check that list of cities again, because Engadget is reporting that Clear has made some additions this week, bringing 19 cities to the mix for this summer. Joining the currently available 32 markets and 41 million customers, whether you're under the Gateway Arch in St. Louis or high-fiving Mickey and his pals in Orlando, you should see the 4G spectrum light up very soon, since Sprint is never far behind in the shared-use network.

Finally, since choice is always welcome, Clear has also mentioned that they'll have two new 4G handset offerings from HTC and Samsung. While specifics aren't known on the models, the Samsung will be running Android, while the HTC could show up with Windows Phone 7, since Clear intentionally did not make specific mention of a platform.

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