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HTC EVO 4G screen sunlight visibility

Htc-evo-sunlight (1)Today is Memorial Day in the US and since many people will be spending it outdoors at picnics, parades, and other events, I thought it might be useful to show you how the HTC EVO 4G's 4.3-inch screen looks in direct sunlight.

I usually rely on the light sensors to automatically adjust my EVO's screen brightness, but in the pictures you're about to see (taken with my iPhone 3GS), brightness was maxed out to make the screen as visible as possible. It was late morning on a very clear and sunny day, a time when you can't really use your head or body to cast a shadow on the phone to give the screen some shade. Not if you want to hold the EVO at a natural distance, anyway.

Htc-evo-sunlight (2) 

Believe it or not, the screen is on in the picture above (that's a reflection of a tall weed). Viewing angles are obviously lacking in direct sunlight, though I don't know why anyone would be looking at the EVO from that angle in the first place.

Htc-evo-sunlight (3) 

This is just a bigger version of the image at the top. Visibility isn't outstanding but you can still make everything out and use the phone if you had to. Obviously, the conditions aren't optimal to type a long email or read an ebook, but it's good enough for whatever quick thing you'd want to do on your phone when standing in the hot sun.

Htc-evo-sunlight (4) 

Htc-evo-sunlight (7)

Since varying degrees of shade can be found just about anywhere, here's the EVO when viewed in a shadow cast by a roof:


And here it is still outdoors but under complete shade (underneath the actual roof):


The only time that sunlight visibility is really important to me is when taking photos outdoors. Taking some of the pictures with the HTC EVO's camera the other day was a little tricky when I could barely see what was on the screen to frame the shot or adjust the zoom. And if I hadn't used all the default settings, it would've been very tricky indeed.

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