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HTC EVO accessories coming to Best Buy

Best-buy-logoWe know that when the HTC EVO 4G is released on June 4th, it won't be alone. Leaks from last month already revealed a slew of HTC-branded accessories like colorful silicone skins and shells, a leather case, a car mount, an HDMI dock, and a hard case with an integrated battery pack.

And though there hasn't been a whisper about anything exciting coming from third parties, we all know that just about every accessory company out there will be doing something to make money off the EVO.

Best Buy, for example, has an accessory sheet that it's shown to a pal of mine in Texas when trying to persuade him to buy the handset there. He's trying to get a hold of the list but in the meantime says that it included a few cases from Best Buy's in-house brand, RocketFish, as well as a case that sounds a bit like Proporta's Mizu Shell (a glossy skin made of crystal and silicone). There's also a "media dock" that may or may not be the same thing as HTC's own HDMI dock that's due in late July. [Update below]

I called my local Best Buy for more information but since stores in Hawaii don't work with Sprint for some reason, the person I spoke to said she didn't know anything about it and that there was even a chance that they wouldn't even carry the accessories since they wouldn't be selling the phone. And people think living in Hawaii is paradise!


Update: Android and Me got their hands on a Best Buy ad that confirms the RocketFish cases and that the "media dock" my pal heard about it is indeed the HDMI dock leaked last month.

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