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HTC EVO survives accidental drop test

Evo-dropIn case you were wondering if the HTC EVO 4G can survive a three-foot drop onto a hard wooden floor without a scratch, crack, or dent, the answer is a very happy yes.

Whether your heart can handle the sudden surge of fear and panic that takes over your body when the beautiful handset slips from your hands because you're trying to take it out of a case that isn't made for it and you hear the loud smack of the glass screen meeting the floor is another story.

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Jenn K. Lee

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19 thoughts on “HTC EVO survives accidental drop test

  • * shiver * Glad it’s okay. Talk about heartbreak…

    Sprint’s TEP is very reasonable, I think, for the peace of mind it offers.

  • I know time doesn’t actually slow down when a(very expensive and awesome) phone drops, but you’d be hard pressed to tell me that in the moment. That sick feeling when you know your concentration has slipped just enough for you to let the phone slide out of your hand…..

  • Yikes, Jenn! Did it fall flat on the face?

    I haven’t taken any chances with my EVO, it’s barely left my desk or my car seat. I won’t start using mine on-the-go until I can get a silicone case on launch day, which kinds defeats the purpose of getting it early, doesn’t it?

  • I swear my heart stopped *and* time stood still. It sure would be tricky running this site with a broken EVO!

  • Yes, flat on its face!

    I’m waiting for someone to come out with a nice leather pouch, though that wouldn’t help when I’m using the phone. It fits in HD2 cases, though the back cut out isn’t quite right, so I may use one of those in the meantime.

    And yes, it’s time to be a daredevil and unchain that EVO from your desk.

  • I’ll let you recreate it with your EVO, jethro. I give you full rights to the story. :-D

  • This is my first experience with Sprint so I had never heard of TEP before. I had to look it up. Do you always sign up for it?

  • Always — it’s like my good luck charm; ever since signing up a few years ago, I’ve never slipped up enough for physical damage to take out my phone.

    I have a touch pro they’ve replaced twice when things just stopped working, though, and likewise (but just once and after more than two years) with a Motorola Q.

    They’ll replace non-physical damage for free, but there’s a deductible (between $50 and $100) for if you dropped the phone or it was stolen or the like. It might not be that good of a deal after all… but I’ll definitely keep getting it just for my mental health. :)

  • And another good thing about Sprint’s TEP is the way a replacement works if your current model is no longer available. Most times they’ll just substitute a newer model phone.

  • Try dropping it on the bottom left corner. I did and my screen is broken. Go over to and you will see that several screens are broken. This phone is just like the Iphone in that if you drop it in the right way, there is no cushioning between the glass and the frame of the phone, you will definitely break the glass.

  • I was one of the first 5 customers at my Sprint store on June 4th.I had only had my phone 3 or 4 days when I dropped my phone face down in a Walmart parking lot while getting out of my car…my Sprint store had not yet gotten in any cases or anything to protect it & I don’t typically drop things…but I did & it kinda made me sick but life goes on. My Evo is a little roughed up on both top & bottom corners on the left side& no one other than me would even notice it & other than that little bit of cosmetic damage the phone was fine….but I hate that my Evo already has battle scars :(

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    I had the exact same think happen to me today! The only damage was a small scuff on the bottom corner of the case–and a completely shattered screen. UGH!

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    Honestly I have no idea how it survived a drop. It must’ve been face up and landed flat on it’s back or something…I dropped mine yesterday from a very short distance, less than a foot, with a case and a screen protector on, and the glass screen shattered. The TEP program says that I can replace it for $100, but with the phone being so fragile I’m hesitant.

    I seriously would bet a wine glass is tougher than this phone

  • I dropped mine on the right corner, chipped some of the black off but did not shatter the screen.
    The speaker’s crackled at full volume since then though – I don’t recall it crackling before the drop…bummed…

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    I have dropped mine a couple of times actually. The first time I had it on my lap and forgot about it. When I got out of the car: KER-PLUNK! I think my heart stopped. Thank goodness I was smart enough to get a Seidio case for it case because nothing at all happened to the phone. The case got a little scuffed up… it’s no biggie though because the case is easily replaceable. The phone… not so much!

  • I dropped mine getting out of my truck, landed face first, no case, no nothing, from about like 5 feet and it survived…
    only a few scratches on the sides and thats it :)
    its a tough phone!

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    IF you have TEP there is NO DEDUCTIBLE on repairing PHYSICAL DAMAGE to your phone. As long as it still works, they will replace the screen for free. If you don’t have TEP the replacement will cost $35. I know because husband dropped his phone today and the screen shattered. Phone still works perfectly. Took it in and they replaced the glass front in about an hour for no charge. The replacement screen is used and has one slight scratch on it, but we’ll take it for no charge ~


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