Intel plans to launch dedicated processor for tablet space at Computex

Intel_moolyeden During a press conference held by Intel to announce its new range of processors for ultra-thin laptops, people were wondering about the remote possibilities of perhaps seeing a tablet-style device using the new chips. When confronted by this very question, Intel VP Mooley Eden (left) responded with an unexpected answer, first confirming that the new ULV chips would be unsuitable with their level of heat generation and power consumption, but then surprising us by saying that Intel plans to launch a special dedicated solution for tablet devices at Computex in Taiwan next month.

Following the unveiling of the Intel Atom Z6xx Moorestown platform aimed at smartphones with a brief mention of tablets and other handheld devices, the new silicon architecture is likely either a derivative of Moorestown or possibly something new. With Google and ARM sure to be behind a legion of new ARM-powered, Android-running tablets also at Computex, it will be interesting to see what Intel has up its sleeve to try and compete.

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