Michael Dell shows off Streak again, coming next month to Telefonica O2, AT&T “later”

Dell-streak-o2-exclusive There's no doubt that like many of us, Michael Dell is also very excited about the upcoming Dell Streak/Mini 5. After his first appearance with the device and the previous speculation regarding a European launch with Telefonica O2, the CEO showed off the device for a second time during his keynote speech at the Citrix Synergy conference yesterday, marking its first official public demonstration.

But the real news is the divulging of some new information regarding release dates, with Dell himself stating that the tablet will be "available starting next month, first with our partner O2 Telefonica in Europe, then later this summer with our pretty good partner here in the United States, AT&T." With all the interest and anticipation surrounding the Streak/Mini 5 and unanswered questions on the release date, it finally looks like the wait could soon be over. Now we're just waiting for the official press release, finalized dates, pricing, and confirmation of the final name!

[eWeek via Pocket-lint]
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2 thoughts on “Michael Dell shows off Streak again, coming next month to Telefonica O2, AT&T “later”

  • Is there going to be a wifi only version of this? If Dell releases this only on contract I for one will not be getting this, and I was so looking foward to add this to my collection.

  • Yeah, I’ve been holding out for this, so to see it touted as contract partner only is a big :(

    I was looking at using it primarily on wifi but maybe shoving it on T-Mobiles £15 a month unlimited broadband package…


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