Nokia N900 gets v1.2 software update in UK, MeeGo support cloudy

N900_meego There must be a rainbow somewhere over the UK today because it seems to be the center of all the good news bits. As of now, anyone in the UK can update their N900 to the latest v1.2 software release, which has been eagerly awaited for the past few months. Just like with the Dell Streak earlier today, US residents will have to wait their turn for the N900 update, which isn't so bad since there's only about 24 hours or so until it goes live here.

Some of the new features in v1.2 (or V10.2010.19-1, if you will) include portrait-mode browsing, improved email, Facebook and IM integration, video calling, and Ovi Maps updates for the UI. Lastly, the menu system UI is now able to be customized on the first level. This is just a quick summary of the noticeable changes, with the actual changelog (found here) listing the complete details.

Now for the bad news, or at least the unexpected news. Nokia has basically conceded that MeeGo will not be released officially for the N900. Of course, Nokia is using the N900 platform as a development mule for the successor to Maemo, and it will be providing core elements of the kernel for the community to use as they see fit. So for anyone into official software builds only, looks like Maemo 5 is the end of the road until Nokia releases its next version of hardware.

[Nokia Conversations via Maemo Arena]
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