Photo face-off: Sony Vaio P (new) vs Sony Vaio P (old)

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While the sensible thing to do after unboxing the new Sony Vaio P is to either turn it on or charge it, the first thing I did was grab my glossy first-generation Vaio P to see how it compared with its matte-covered successor.

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Click to enlarge (side-by-side keyboard photo only)

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In addition to having a track pad and mouse buttons on the bezel, the new Vaio P's hardware is matte and the lid is more rounded. It's also a teeny tiny bit longer. Another thing you'll notice is that color of the new keyboard is the same as the lid (not noticeable here since I chose the black model, but very noticeable with the white, green, pink, and orange models).

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The I/O ports and switches are identical on both versions, just shuffled around a bit. The power switch on the old P, for example, is now a power button located above the new P's keyboard.

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And although it looks like it would be, the batteries are not interchangeable between the two generations. So if you have the extended battery for the old P (as I do) and kept it when you sold the old device so you could get the new one, you now have something to sell on eBay.

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The new Vaio P is available to order in user-selected configurations from Conics.net.

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