Photo face-off: Sony Vaio P (new) vs Sony Vaio P (old)

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While the sensible thing to do after unboxing the new Sony Vaio P is to either turn it on or charge it, the first thing I did was grab my glossy first-generation Vaio P to see how it compared with its matte-covered successor.

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Click to enlarge (side-by-side keyboard photo only)

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In addition to having a track pad and mouse buttons on the bezel, the new Vaio P's hardware is matte and the lid is more rounded. It's also a teeny tiny bit longer. Another thing you'll notice is that color of the new keyboard is the same as the lid (not noticeable here since I chose the black model, but very noticeable with the white, green, pink, and orange models).

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The I/O ports and switches are identical on both versions, just shuffled around a bit. The power switch on the old P, for example, is now a power button located above the new P's keyboard.

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And although it looks like it would be, the batteries are not interchangeable between the two generations. So if you have the extended battery for the old P (as I do) and kept it when you sold the old device so you could get the new one, you now have something to sell on eBay.

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:: Visit the Vaio P forum to connect with other owners and potential buyers, share tips, and troubleshoot. ::

The new Vaio P is available to order in user-selected configurations from Conics.net.

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20 thoughts on “Photo face-off: Sony Vaio P (new) vs Sony Vaio P (old)

  • I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on performance. Did you have the original US 588E?

  • Yep, that’s the one.

    This new P has the same specs as my Fujitsu UH900 (except for SSD capacity), so I’m expecting similar performance unless the SSD is very different. The one in the UH900 is really fast.

    Are you thinking of upgrading?

  • Avatar of DarkPotato

    OMG you’re lucky :P

  • Looks like they’ve cramped the keyboard a bit, that was one of the best things on the old P.

  • Where is the vent holes on the new one? Does it only vent through the keyboard…?
    I’m not upgrading my old P, it works extremely well for me, and was way to expensive to get rid of now – only had it since November, last year.

    But loves new P coverage :)

  • Avatar of bartletts4

    Jenn, please compare it to the top of the line uh900, like the one you have. I am wondering whether to add the P to my collection but I don’t want to do so if it is essentially the same as the uh900 in terms of performance. I am still very happy with my uh900, especially its WIMAX capabilities. Thanks.

  • Great pics Jenn, thanks a lot!

    I ordered the black model too, finally a matte version! Seems even smaller than the old P, amazing. Can’t wait for the full review.

    Really no vent holes in the new one??

  • This is very tempting to get the new Sony P. I had my the older Sony P, since it was released and is one of my favorite for light weight travels. When just doing email, Word, and browsing works great. I know the speed must be that much better than the older P, but can you post some speed comparisons if you get a chance. Might have to eBay my older P.

  • The P seems to be using a slower SSD (identified as SanDisk pSSD-P2 ATA in Device Manager), so the UH900 should be the better performer since they have the CPU, RAM, and OS.

  • I can’t find any vent holes or hear anything. I’ll try to tax the system and see if I can feel any hot air being blown out from anywhere.

  • Avatar of GeoffreyM

    I’m considering it, although not necessarily that strongly. I’m going to wait and see which models are available in the US before I decide whether and the route I’ll take to procure one.

    I am going to be in Europe in the Fall and the only country I’m visiting with the new P is France, which has the 1.86 GHz with 64GB SSD. Neither Belgium nor the Netherlands have the P yet, but I hope they get something faster. Germany has the 2.16 GHz with 128GB SSD for only €1049.

    I thought the UH900 only had 1GB RAM. If it has 2, then it’s a shame I don’t want to deal with the 5.6″ screen again.

  • Jenn, presumably the old power brick works on the new P?

    Thanks for all your coverage!

  • Avatar of supergadgetman

    Jenn, does the new version have a fan? I know my 1st gen Vaio P is fanless so I was wondering if you actually feel hot air being blown out of your new version as you stated.

  • I haven’t felt any hot air yet. I’m pretty sure this is fanless too.

  • Yep. The batteries aren’t interchangeable but the power bricks are. :-)

  • How come Sony put SanDisk SSD instead of Samsung!!! And the most – I don’t like the design of new P. Old one looks more classy and luxury.

  • Still i think the old one looks far more stylish


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