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While cutting up an expired credit card is certainly an easy way to use a Micro SIM card in a device designed for standard 2G SIMs, a ready-made Micro SIM adapter is even easier.

This small plastic adapter from MicroSIM Shop is pretty self-explanatory, but here's a snippet from our previous post about it if you're not quite sure what you're looking at in the photo above. The adapter is the same "shape and size of a standard SIM, with the middle hollowed out to accept a Micro SIM. Since the actual contact areas of both SIM types are identical, this is simply a mechanical solution that will be compatible with any device" that uses standard SIMs.


The most well known device that uses a Micro SIM is, of course, the iPad. I only have the SIM-less WiFi version of the iPad, but the adapter will be useful for when I get the 4G iPhone/iPhone HD, which will most likely use the tiny card, and want/need to use the SIM in another phone. Micro SIMs will become more common when other manufacturers make the switch but until then, this little adapter is a handy thing to have around.

There's nothing particularly remarkable about the Micro SIM adapter, as it's just a piece of plastic with a big hole in it, but it's made well and is an easy solution to the problem that Apple almost created for people who use multiple devices.

MicroSIM Shop recently raised its prices so the adapter now sells for €5.99 apiece or €14.99 for a pack of five (up from €4.99 and €9.99, respectively), but all orders still come with free shipping to 65 countries around the world.

Many thanks to Chris for buying a pack and sending me one!

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