Samsung S-Pad Android tablet PC could be making its entrance in August

Samsung-logo Although no stranger to the MID scene with devices such as the Q1 series and Mondi, Samsung has been relatively quiet on the front recently. But that looks set to change this summer with Etnews reporting that the company has been working behind the scenes on a new tablet MID scheduled to be released in early August.

Specifics of the tentatively named S-Pad are unknown, but the report contains some very interesting details to tease our curiosity. The tablet will apparently run the Android OS, contrary to some reports that it will use Samsung's own Bada OS, and will feature a 7-inch Super AMOLED touch screen, WiFi, and 3G connectivity. Like the iPad, the first variant of the S-Pad may only include WiFi, with the 3G variant launching shortly after with SK Telecom providing the service in Korea. Other information includes the mention of a USB docking station, an emphasis on the e-reader functionality of the tablet with content provided by Kyobo Books in Korea, and the launch of Samsung's own app store.

I'm intrigued to find out more about the S-Pad and Samsung's plans for it because some of the early signs are looking positive, especially the inclusion of the Super AMOLED screen with its improved visibility in sunlight, brightness, and power consumption. Using Android, it is likely to have a powerful ARM-based CPU developed in-house by Samsung, something the company has plenty of experience in with its own smartphones not to mention the iPhone's processor.

Although most of the information is currently focused on the company's home market of Korea, it seems likely that the company will also be working on similar deals with carriers and content providers in other regions. One slight concern is cost; the S-Pad will likely be pitched as a premium product with features to match. Hopefully we will get to learn more about the S-Pad sooner rather than later.

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3 thoughts on “Samsung S-Pad Android tablet PC could be making its entrance in August

  • My question is, Why is it that every tablet that comes out now has a “pad” on it’s name? I think they better drop that pad coz they will just be compared to that fruit company’s pad.

  • That “fruit” company is capturing the market with it’s computers, IPods, IPhones and IPads that DO NOT CRASH like PC products. So many former PC owners are jumping, running and gliding into the Apple market that everyone’s head is spinning. I use both platforms and enjoy crash-free computing with my Mac!

    Get the facts, don’t just attack (which seems to be the American Way of late!)

  • First, Learn to read. Then understand what you read. After that, You can comment.


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