Sharp IS01 and IS02 rebranded by DoCoMo as LYNX SH-10B and Dynapocket T-01B, launching in July


Following the good news last week that the Sharp IS01 Snapdragon-Android MID would be released in Japan next month with immediate availability of a developer's version, it now looks like KDDI, the carrier launching the handset and the Toshiba IS02 Snapdragon-WinMo 6.5.3 MID, will not be the only host of these sleek devices.

Japan's largest carrier, NTT DoCoMo, has announced it is joining the action with its own rebranded versions of the handsets, the LYNX SH-10B (IS01) shown above and Dynapocket T-01B (IS02) set to launch in Japan in July. The devices are basically identical to the previously announced originals and will still be manufactured by Sharp and Toshiba, respectively, but now feature HSDPA/HSUPA 3G network support instead of CDMA/EVDO used by KDDI. Apart from that, the DoCoMo versions will also come in different colors, with the LYNX available in either red or white and the Dynapocket in either white or the standard black.

I've always really liked the design, hardware specification, and form factors of both of these devices. The new colors are also quite appealing with the red LYNX reminding me a bit of the Fujitsu UH900/LOOX. The main issues are software and availability, with both devices running older versions of their respective OSs and the chances of seeing these exciting handsets outside Japan being pretty low. The odds might be better for the Toshiba IS02 because it passed through the FCC and was approved under its international model name, K01. While we impatiently wait for more information to become available, check out more images of the DoCoMo LYNX SH-10B and Dynapocket T-01B after the break.


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