Sprint reveals EVO 4G details, available June 4th for $199.99

Evo_4g What more can be said about the fantastic EVO 4G? We know it's going to be the smartphone to beat for 2010, and even Apple will still be chasing some of those high-end specs to no avail, plus it looks like this could finally be the device that turns Sprint's long-sagging fortunes around. Well, now we have a few more things to say about it, thanks to the little shindig Sprint threw in New York this evening.

The EVO 4G will be available nationwide from Sprint on June 4th for $199.99 after a $100 MIR on a new or upgrade two-year contract. This pricing lines up nicely with what we heard a few weeks back, plus it beats the introduction of the next-gen iPhone by at least a few days. As for the plan pricing, it will qualify for an Everything Data ($69.99/mo. and up) plan with unlimited data, text, and calling on the Sprint network, but it will also require a $10 Premium Data add-on package for the enhanced 4G speeds.

Now the feature that really has potential EVO customers excited is the integrated 8-user 4G hotspot feature, which basically negates the need for a separate MiFi or Overdrive mobile hotspot and the accompanying $60 bill each month. Naturally, this optional feature won't be free, but Sprint is amazingly pricing it at only $30/month, meaning a typical monthly bill for most people would come in around $110 for a device that does everything, compared to at least $130 for two separate devices.

The early availability and more-than-reasonable pricing on the actual phone and the plans make it a win-win situation for Sprint, and it pretty much cements my decision to get an EVO. Keep an eye out for me; I'll be one of the guys waiting in line on June 4th, wallet in hand and excitement hardly contained.

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