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20 long-press shortcuts for the HTC EVO 4G

Evo-shortcut If you're new to Android, then you may not know that you can long-press (press and hold) the HTC EVO 4G's buttons and screen to select options and other extras that would normally require several taps to access.

These shortcuts can be found/used in various apps and areas of the system and are a nice way to save some time and reduce the amount of tapping your thumbs/fingers have to do. There doesn't seem to be a complete list of these shortcuts anywhere, so I thought I'd try to start one here. The list you'll find below is not exhaustive, I'm sure, but it's just what I've found so far.

Here are 20 long-press shortcuts for your EVO:

  1. Long-press the Home key to bring up a window containing the last 6 apps you used.
  2. Long-press the Menu key to launch the keyboard.
  3. Long-press the Back key in the stock web browser to view your browsing history, bookmarks, and most-visited pages.
  4. Long-press the Search key to activate voice search or bring up a window containing the last 15 apps you used.
  5. Long-press an empty area on a home screen to add a widget, app, shortcut, or folder.
  6. Long-press an item on the home screen to move or delete it.
  7. Long-press text in the browser and mail app (not Gmail) to copy-and-paste it, look it up elsewhere, or share it via Friend Stream, Mail, Messages, and Peep (third-party apps will be listed as options if available).
  8. Long-press an item in your browser download history (Menu -> More -> Downloads) to open it, clear it from the list, or clear it from the list and delete it from your EVO.
  9. Long-press a link to open it, bookmark it, select the text, copy the link URL, share the link, or save the link.
  10. Long-press a key in the stock keyboard to access the double-mapped key and other keys if available.
  11. Long-press a message in Gmail to select one of the following actions: read, archive, mute, mark read, delete, add star, change labels, report spam.
  12. Long-press a message in Mail to open it, see the entire conversation, delete it, mark it as unread, reply to the sender or the group, forward it, or move it to another folder.
  13. Long-press a phone number to dial it, add it to a new or existing contact, or copy it.
  14. Long-press a location in Maps to see the address (approximation or exact street)
  15. Long-press a thumbnail image in Gallery to view the image, start a slideshow, share it, set it as wallpaper/contact icon/favorite, rotate it, delete it from the phone, crop it, or view the image details.
  16. Long-press a name in People (contacts app) to call the person, edit the contact information, delete it, or send the info as a vCard.
  17. Long-press an entry in your Call History to view more details, edit the phone number, send a text message, delete it, or add the info to the contacts stored in People.
  18. Long-press a date in Calendar to show the day, show the agenda, or add a new event.
  19. Long-press a tweet in Peep (preinstalled Twitter app) to reply to it, send a direct message, retweet it, add it to your favorites, view the profile, or share it on Facebook, Friend Stream, Gmail, Mail, or Messages.
  20. Long-press a video listing in the YouTube app to play the video, view details, rate it, access comments, favorite it, share it, or flag it.

Discovered another long-press shortcut? Share it in the comments!

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