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Are you on the HTC EVO replacement waiting list?

Red-question-markBased on the number of people who sent this to my G&E tips inbox today, I think it's safe to say that you all know about HTC's acknowledgment of the screen separation and touchscreen issues that some EVO 4G owners are experiencing. For those who don't already know, this is the gist: the latter problem will be corrected with an upcoming software update (too bad the fix wasn't rolled into the recent HTC Sync update), while the former is basically said to be no big deal.

New EVOs coming off the assembly line shouldn't be at risk for separation anxiety, which is great for people who don't have their phones yet, but what about the rest of us? HTC says the separating glass will have no adverse affect on the EVO's functionality, but it kind of feels like we're getting brushed off. Where is the fix in what is essentially a "just live with it" response?

I spoke to a specialized customer care rep at Sprint yesterday and while we were talking, I mentioned that my screen was starting to lift up a bit in the corner. The rep's immediate response was, "Oh, yeah, I've been getting a lot of calls about that." She went on to say that the problem was covered under the phone's one-year warranty and was enough to qualify for a replacement. All I had to do, she said, was go into a Sprint store and show them the screen. Sprint would then put me on a waiting list for a replacement, HTC would mail me a new EVO when it was available, and I would send in my defective unit.

Now that's a solution to a problem.

I don't know if anything has changed now that HTC has made an "official" statement about it (maybe a separating screen no longer qualifies for a replacement?), but I'm definitely going to wait for a new EVO. What about you?

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9 thoughts on “Are you on the HTC EVO replacement waiting list?

  • The sprint lady told me I had to go back to Radio Shack where I bought the phone, but they seem to be clueless, they keep telling me they dont have any in. I am going to have to go back and see what they say, but I have been loathe to go back and *leave my phone* hoping that I get a new one whenever they come in.

  • My phone has light leakage as well as randomly restarting several times a day. I am currently on a waitlist for a replacement.

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    Finally looks like people are catching on to the atk issues. My phone was restarting, deleted everything except atk bc I thought it was good, no luck. Did a factory reset, never installed atk and my phone has been running amazing and battery life IMPROVED!

  • Just want to make sure I understand this, so the improperly grounded screen will be fixed with a software update?

  • Yea, This seems questionable to me that a seemingly hard-ware issue could be fixed with a software update? Or is it really a software issue? Go into the android market and download “DRAW!” (it’s free) and check out the problem yourself. (for the screen sensitivity issue).

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    better than the solution Palm had for the Pre problems with the screen — “what problem?”

  • The screen is made poorly. I dropped mine about 4 inches on the counter surface. My huband broke his also. All within 2 weeks having them


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