Good and EVO

Are you thinking about returning your HTC EVO 4G?


Just because most of us adore our HTC EVO 4G superphones doesn't mean that every single person who tries it will feel the same. It isn't the perfect phone for everyone.

Some people may not like Android or the slab design. Some may think the EVO is too big or be completely turned off by the recently discovered 30fps cap on 2D and 3D apps. And of course there are those who are getting poor battery life (in spite of the battery tips) or have a handset with an improperly grounded touchscreen or worsening screen separation.

There's no "correct" reason for someone to decide that the EVO is not for them. Even irrational fanboyism for another brand/phone is a legitimate reason to me; everyone is entitled to their own opinions and is free to spend their money on whatever they want. I don't  understand why people get so worked up over another person's opinion about something they have; who cares if a stranger on the internet doesn't like what you like/use? It doesn't make sense to me.

Whatever your reason is, are you experiencing buyer's remorse and thinking about returning your EVO? I assume no one here is already a former owner, as continuing to visit G&E after that trip to the store would be a sign of returner's remorse.

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