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Babying the HTC EVO 4G


All right. It's time to fess up and admit all the weird things you're doing to protect your HTC EVO from the harsh elements of the real world. This is a safe environment and we won't judge you (at least not to your face).

Since I'm the one who brought it up, I'll go first.

Every night, I give my EVO a bottle so her tummy's full and she sleeps through the night, tuck her into her little bed, make sure she stays warm, kiss her good night, and turn off the light.

No, wait, that's what I do to my 6-month-old daughter!


My EVO doesn't get that kind of treatment, but I do try my best to keep it protected and in pristine condition, especially since I'm not using a play-through case. I like pouches for my gadgets so I can use them in their birthday suits (it's such a waste to cover up beautiful hardware!), which means my EVO is always lounging around naked.

When I take it out of the house, I wrap it in a microfiber cloth (the one you see in the first picture and in my fingerprints/smudges removal tests) and put it in the back pocket of my purse with the screen facing the main compartment. This pocket is against me when I carry the purse on my shoulder, so it's always protected. Once I find a nice pouch without a belt clip, preferably from Noreve or Vaja, I'll ditch the cloth and carry the EVO in a pouch like a normal person.

No one actually ever sees me with the cloth, though, as the EVO is always unwrapped before I take it out of the pocket. So to the average onlooker, it just looks like I'm carrying the phone in there. Sometimes I'll put it in the front pocket of my shorts if I know I'll be taking lots of pictures, but for the most part it stays in my purse pocket until I'm sitting down or maybe standing in line.

At home, my EVO lays on anything that isn't the actual surface of wherever it is. A piece of paper, the case of another gadget, whatever; as long as the EVO's camera lens isn't directly on the table/desk/etc., then it's fine. As I write this, it's on the glass side table in my living room, laying on a padded cardboard package that contains the full-body invisibleSHIELD I'll eventually review.

Even though the cell phone bean bag shown above is much softer, the EVO isn't really stable when it's in it. I don't know if this is really true, but I feel like it could fall if someone accidentally bumped into the table the bean bag is on, so I'd rather not chance it. I already dropped my EVO once; I don't ever want to do it again!

I clean the screen a few times a day, depending on what kind of lighting I'm in. Smudges are much more visible in natural light, so I find myself polishing the screen more often during the day than at night.

Before I go to sleep, I cover the EVO's screen with either the microfiber cloth or whatever else is around because I hate seeing specks of dust on it in the morning. The only reason I don't keep it face-down next to my pillow is that I'm not using it as my primary phone.

And that's how the HTC EVO gets treated at my house.

Your turn.

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