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Bananas beware: HTC EVO may be out to get you

Evo-bananaAccording to G&E reader Doug, "over-ripening and causing mold to grow on bananas" may be something to add to the list of all the things the HTC EVO 4G can do.


Here's the story. Doug usually charges his cell phone overnight on the kitchen counter. To keep the device safe (he says he's prone to dropping things), he often places it in a basket of somewhat-yellow bananas that usually have no dark spots on them. He started this practice with his old Samsung Instinct phone, which often slid to the bottom of the basket with absolutely no ill effect on the bananas.

His new HTC EVO, on the other hand, always slides to the bottom of the basket, toward the tips of the bananas, with the micro USB connection almost exactly at the bottom of the bunch. After just two or three nights of being left alone in the dark with the EVO, all the bananas in the basket "became very dark about four inches up the skin and mold was spotted on the skin where it was dark." Doug cut the bananas open and "noticed a very dark area in the center of the banana meat that was approximately the size of a dime [that] went throughout the banana, all the way to the stem."

Doug says:

Really, I just thought this banana thing was an interesting development. It is possible that something else made the bananas turn like that, and that fast, but I doubt it. It could be that the chopper circuit in the charging section on the motherboard is putting out some radiation. But, there is only five volts going to the phone, so I don't see how that could be much of a factor. Anyway, we shall see because I just bought new bananas.

This is all just for fun, of course, but if you have some time and want to help Doug solve the mystery of the browning banana, he invites you to run your own experiment:

  1. Start with new, almost green, medium bananas.
  2. Rest the EVO on banana #1 while charging overnight and observe the results on the second and third morning.
  3. Set the EVO on banana #2 whenever it's not in use or being charged.
  4. Let a control banana from the same bunch sit on the other end of the counter alone.
  5. Repeat test four days later.

Upon hearing this story, my husband asked whether the EVO gets unusually warm when charging, possibly heating up the bananas that way. I haven't noticed any abnormal heating from my EVO, which I've been charging on some papers sitting on my Sony Vaio P, which itself is sitting on a glass side table, so I don't think that's it.

What do you think?

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16 thoughts on “Bananas beware: HTC EVO may be out to get you

  • I’d imagine the bananas are just used and abused after a full night of partying it up with the EVO.
    That, or the phone is so ominously amazing that it kills all living things gradually within its radius.

  • Obviously the EVO is just part of Skynet. The bananas are just the canary in the coal mine.

    Oh Jen, could you make this site compatible with Tapatalk? It’s a pain commenting with the browser on the EVO…

  • Ever hear of “heat”?

    The phone generates some.

  • The EVO does generate heat when it charges. I was somewhat alarmed when I decided to charge my EVO under my pillow at night. I woke in the middle of the night, and my phone was considerably warm and fully charged. Knowing that heat kills electronics, I moved my phone to my golf bag next to my bed. It doesn’t generate as much heat (I don’t think)sitting on a “breathable” surface as it did between my cotton pillow and goose down comforter. Bananas are a plant which can absorb and retain heat. When charging the EVO on the bananas the “atmosphere” around the phone is warmer as opposed to being charged on the open counter itself. The warmer “atmosphere” is my guess as to why the bananas are ripening so fast. Moral of the story: let your phone breath….and your bananas.

  • Avatar of Cubward

    Imagine what this is doing to our brain after holding it up to our ear all day… day after day.

  • Avatar of Brandon

    I use headphones so its not doing anything negative to my brain.

  • Avatar of Brandon

    That sounds highly probable, a lot of the electronic devices that we use daily give off low levels of radiation so its likely that a banana is being altered by the effects of this low level radiation.

  • Avatar of Earmuffs


  • a cell phone and a microwave are the same thing just at different power levels put four or five cell phones in a metal bowl with popcorn call the phones guess what it will pop
    and think the evo has 3 radios 1 for cell/3g, 4g, and wifi
    triple radiation

  • Wow, I thought that I liked my EVO alot…. but sleeping with it!?!

  • Avatar of Chuck U. Farley

    anyone tried this with mangos? or slightly green vine-ripened tomatoes? just curious.

    oh and great idea about the popcorn! I don’t have a popcorn popper anymore but I do have several cel phones lying around.


  • Avatar of Bung Chucker

    This is an urban legend… You can not pop popcorn with a cellular phone. I don’t give a rat’s starfish how many you pack together and call at once. I can’t believe people still believe this.

  • I COULD SURE USE THE help to ripen avacados this time of year. Think I hill hook my avacado up with the evo tonight and turn on some Barry White and see what happens.

  • Avatar of Doug Eastman

    Yikes!!! I walk about ten miles a day in a pair of shoes that allow me to charge devices as I walk. The charging process doesn’t start until I’ve stored up enough from walking. I charge my Evo as I walk. It works great!

    Should I be concerned that I’m charging my phone while it’s in my pocket? Eventually, these shoes will be available to everyone — we’re beta testing them at my company right now. I wonder if there will need to be special shields made for devices while they charge this way. I’m pretty sure this technology is the way of the future, because it’s natural and it really works! However, as an adult male I wonder how this is effecting things near my pockets — if you know what I mean.


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