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Best place to find HTC EVO accessories on launch day


After walking out of Best Buy, Radio Shack, and Walmart empty-handed, I can safely say that Sprint is the best place to find the widest selection of HTC EVO 4G accessories today.

The other stores are still expecting to carry all of the items we've known about, but they don't have exact dates on when shipments will arrive. The manager at Radio Shack, for example, said that all the items he thought were going to be boxed with the phones are still listed but unactivated in the store's system, which is why all they had were invisibleSHIELDs and a car charger. Best Buy only had the Platinum Series case with holster I already reviewed, while Walmart had nothing!

Fortunately, it was a veritable treasure trove at Sprint. They were already sold out of the leather pouch but I got everything else: pack of screen protectors (one anti-glare and two clear are included), black silicone, white hard case, black/gray Body Glove case, and black/red/blue interchangeable hard case. With tax and the 20% discount being offered on any two or more accessories, my total was $82. Not bad!

Stay tuned for reviews of all the accessories.

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4 thoughts on “Best place to find HTC EVO accessories on launch day

  • Have you tried out the screen protectors yet? I’m really curious to hear about those. I was thinking of ordering some Boxwave protectors for my EVO, as my Zagg/BestSkinsEver protectors have always stood up well (except for crud around their edges), but I found with my iPod Touch that I really didn’t like their orange-peel feel once I moved to a finger-touch screen device instead of a stylus on a resistive screen.

    But the Boxwave protectors cost $12.95 a pop, so if these are decently comparable, I’d love to get three of these for the price of a single Boxwave protector (even less if I get them along with a Body Glove case by tomorrow and snag that 20% off two accessories deal!)

  • No, not yet. I have the Zagg invisibleSHIELD here and am waiting for the Boxwave to be delivered. Boxwave’s ClearTouch Crystal is actually my favorite line of screen protectors because they’re washable and reusable, so I have high hopes for that one.

    I don’t plan to use a screen protector on my EVO (I don’t use screen guards on glass screens), but will review as many as I can find for the EVO in case others are interested in them.

    I’ll try to get to the reviews ASAP but finding time to do anything is tricky with a 6-month-old and another website. :-)

  • Cool. Thanks, Jenn. =) My wife actually just noticed tonight that her fairly new TouchPro 2 is already scratched up pretty decently where the “Home” and “Profile” buttons for Facebook Mobile reside on her screen. Bummer. :( Not having used a stylus in a while, I forgot how harsh they were on resistive touch screens. So I need to order up some screen protectors pronto.

    I would prefer a naked glass screen, too, but I’m just too paranoid. I somehow got three big scratches on the face of a nice Seiko watch the other day that my wife got me for our anniversary a couple of years ago. I really wouldn’t have expected a glass face to scratch like that.

    I used the BestSkinsEver full body shield on my iPod Touch to keep the backside pristine, mostly, but I figured I might as well use the front side protector, too. You’re supposed to be able to wash and re-use them, but I never seem to have much luck. They’re cheap enough that I can just toss them after a year and re-buy without feeling bad, though.

    Got two Boxwave ClearTouch Crystals for my wife’s ZuneHD and one ClearTouch Anti-Glare, so I need to get those installed and see how I like them. Haven’t used Boxwave since I had a HP iPaq h4355. Yeah, it’s been a while. =)

    Are the Anti-Glare ClearTouch’s effective and clear enough to consider using, or should I just stick to the Crystals?

    Thanks for the great site, Jenn! Found you through an Engadget article yesterday and I just had to go back and read every article once I got here and started looking around.

    I hear ya on the kid! Our little girl is 11 months old now. And pretty soon, she’ll be a big sister. We found out we were expecting again when she was only 6 months old. Crazy days ahead!

  • I always buy the Crystals so I don’t know about the Anti-Glare protectors. I *think* Boxwave might actually sell an Anti-Glare Crystal, which would mean that the regular Anti-Glare isn’t very clear.

    Congrats on the impending delivery! *Very* crazy days ahead indeed. My pregnancy was heinous so I can’t imagine going through it with a 6-month-old in tow. I hope your wife is doing well. :-)


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