Dell Streak box glosses over Android

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For people who know about the Dell Streak from seeing it on tech sites, one of the reasons to want the device is probably its Android operating system. The tablet is only running 1.6 right now, but knowing that an update to 2.2 is coming later this year is probably enough incentive for Android fans to consider adding the Streak to their gadget collections.

If the Streak ran, say, Windows Mobile or some lesser-known Linux distro, I'm sure it wouldn't be as well received. Android is usually what people want to see running on other devices, which is why variants of "Put Android on it and I'll buy it" comments on blogs are so common.

So why is the only reference to Android on the Dell Streak box hidden among the trademark and fine print on the side that no one will really look at?

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Sure, folks who know the OS will recognize the UI and icons on the front, but you'd think there would be at least some mention of Google on the packaging. When T-Mobile started promoting the myTouch phone on TV, for example, Android wasn't mentioned by name but "with Google" was said and seen several times.

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The Android name is probably completely meaningless to the average consumer who didn't know the Streak existed until seeing it in person (I assume there are Streaks on display at O2 shops in the UK), but the Product Features on the back of the box includes details that are just as, if not more, tech-oriented. If mainstream buyers don't know about Android, I doubt that "Qualcomm Snapdragon," "UMTS/Band 1,8" (that comma should be a period on the box)," and "HSDPA 7.2Mbps/HSUPA 5.76Mbps" mean anything to them.

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