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Dell Streak lets you use different wallpapers for each home screen


Unlike other Android devices, which use a single wallpaper as the background for multiple home screens (parallax scrolling), the Dell Streak lets you use different wallpapers for each screen. The only way this can done on other Android gadgets is to install a third-party launcher or sometimes flash a custom ROM.

I didn't know that being able to use different wallpapers on each home screen was considered a desirable feature and only found out because I was searching for instructions on how to do the opposite on the Streak. I still can't find a way to do it, which I guess makes sense since what I'm trying to enable is usually just a standard part of the OS.

For people who wish Android offered an option to use different wallpapers, though, it's there on the Streak. Well, it's not really there as a choice; it's just the way it's done.

By the way, the screen you're looking at it is what pops up when you long-press the Home button. It displays a list of your recently accessed apps as well as thumbnails of your home screens (referred to as "Rooms"). The thumbnails aren't truly representative of the screens (unlike the Leap feature in HTC Sense), but you can tap a room to go there, press the X to delete it, or add a new one if there aren't already 6 in use.

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9 thoughts on “Dell Streak lets you use different wallpapers for each home screen

  • That turtles one is awesome.

  • I myself also enjoy the parallax effect on standard Android devices. You can’t find a way to do it?

    Say you have all 6 home screens enabled and create a 4800px by 4800px image in Photoshop. Then slice it up into individual 800×800 squares and set each background.

    Although I guess that would only make sense for landscape mode unless it was just a design.

    I dont know, just a thought?

  • Ah, I meant an easy/automatic way to do it like on other Android devices.

  • Avatar of Marc Obermann

    Well you’ve lost me as i am currently using 3 Home screens and they all have the same Wallpaper because i chose the same wallpaper for each one it wasn’t hard difficult or complex to do either.

    It’s actually very easy you open another page as a Home screen and then select Wallpaper then you can choose from the installed Wallpapers in the Wallpaper Gallery or browse your own pictures. You also get the option to frame your picture within a white box so you have what you want in the Wallpaper a neat little tool to help users. That’s it and it’s easy to add more and have all 6 or delete them and have as few as you want.

  • Where to get the teenage mutant ninja androids wallpaper?

  • “Well you’ve lost me”

    Haha, agreed. :-D

    The way wallpapers usually work on Android is that a single image spans across multiple home screens. It’s not the same as putting the *same* image on multiple home screens. For example, let’s say you have a photo of a car. If you set it as wallpaper on just about every other Android device but the Streak, every home screen shows a slightly different portion of the car. The whole car literally spans across all the home screens.

    And that white box is actually something that most people hate, since it forces you to crop the image! You can avoid that by using 800 x 444 images as wallpaper on the Streak and then expanding the box to cover the whole thing.

  • Avatar of remister

    Thanks a lot! I would be purchasing a dell streak for the US once its announced !

  • does this work on the 2.2 update?


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