Dell Streak sunlight visibility

Streak-sunlight (1)

Wondering if the Dell Streak's 5-inch glass display is visible in direct sunlight?

I was curious too so I maxed out the screen brightness and took the device outside at about 11 a.m. on a very sunny day here in Hawaii. See what I saw (and I mean that literally) below.

Streak-sunlight (2) 

Streak-sunlight (3) 

Streak-sunlight (4) 

Streak-sunlight (9) 

Streak-sunlight (10) 

The display clearly looks fantastic in direct sunlight, but I thought it might be useful to put the Streak in an open car where some shadows were present to see how much of a difference some shade would make on the screen.

Streak-sunlight (6) 

Streak-sunlight (8) 

Streak-sunlight (7) 

Streak-sunlight (5) 

The Dell Streak is definitely equipped with one of the best sunlight-visible displays I've ever seen.

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8 thoughts on “Dell Streak sunlight visibility

  • Wow that is really awesome, that may be the best performance in direct sunlight that I’ve seen from a device like that.

    I have a few questions that I would love you to explore, because I don’t think I’m alone in having them.

    How is the camera? How does it compare with the EVO 4G? Being that you are in the US, to use the Streak as a phone you would need AT&T. What is your take on the new data plans, being that the Streak is as much a tablet as the iPad is, as well as being a phone?

    So whats your take, is the Dell Streak a keeper for you? Are you going to use it as a phone, or just a tablet? I honestly don’t think the size is that absurd to use as a phone myself.

    Really Jenn, I’ve followed Pocketables for 2.5 years now, and I fell in love with G&E the first time I read it, even without owning an EVO 4G (yet). And now we have this site, dedicated to the most unique phone on the market, in my opinion. You really do deserve a lot of credit for your dedication, especially since you have to balance all of this and your daughter. Good job!

  • looks promising, much better than the HTC AMOLED (which turns into a black hole in direct sunlight) just curious to know if this gorilla is an LED or LCD?

    I think this is one of the most informative sources on the Streak

  • Thanks for posting this. Really useful information for prospective buyers. I have a Gigabyte m912 netbook/tablet that I love *except* for the crippling fact that the display is too dim for even in-the-shade use.

  • Actually, even better would be a side-by-side with Evo or iPhone or whatever.

  • Thanks, Aaron! I appreciate your feedback.

    I just posted some stuff about the camera, which isn’t as good as the EVO’s cam IMO.

    I don’t plan to use the Streak as a phone, but it can be used on AT&T and T-Mobile for voice. I’ve had every new iPhone since their respective launch days, so I’m grandfathered into AT&T’s old 3G data plan. I currently have accounts with AT&T and Sprint.

    The Streak is definitely a keeper for me. It’s what the Archos 5IT should’ve been (with or without the phone functionality).

  • There’s conflicting information online, but some sites claim the Streak uses a transflective LCD, which Dell had used on some of the Axim PDAs they’ve previously produced. I bought a (used) Axim X50v last year so I could use it as an ereader on the beach, because it had a VGA resolution transflective LCD.


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