Dell Streak surveys for beta testers unlikely to affect final product


The 1,000 beta testers who are using the Dell Streak ahead of its US launch just crossed the halfway point in their 30-day test period.

When I first unboxed my pre-production unit, which I bought from someone who was really part of the group, I didn't think I would be able to take the weekly surveys that comprised the beta test because clicking on the link sent via text message opened a web page that required a log-in. But today I decided to do some searching after Week 2's survey link was sent to my Streak and was able to find a way in. I went back to the Week 1 survey too and took pictures of all the questions to show you. They're pretty lame, as you'll see, and makes me even more suspicious that Dell is really just going through the motions with this so-called "beta test."

The last survey is due to arrive on July 14th, two weeks from today, which just so happens to be the same day that a Dell sales representative told one of our forum members the Streak would be released in the US. Whether this is true remains to be seen, but it would certainly say something about the importance of this beta test if it is. Then again, the questions in the survey already do that.

Week 1 Survey (June 23)

The first question, which presumably asked how likely the beta tester was to purchase the Streak, didn't show up for some reason. But all the rest of the questions are below.

Streak-beta-wk1 (1)

Streak-beta-wk1 (2) 

Streak-beta-wk1 (3) 

Streak-beta-wk1 (4) 

Streak-beta-wk1 (5) 

Streak-beta-wk1 (6) 

Streak-beta-wk1 (7)

Week 2 Survey (June 30)

Streak-beta-wk2 (1) 

Streak-beta-wk2 (2) 

Streak-beta-wk2 (3) 

Streak-beta-wk2 (4) 

Streak-beta-wk2 (5) 

Streak-beta-wk2 (6) 

Streak-beta-wk2 (7) 

Streak-beta-wk2 (8) 

Streak-beta-wk2 (9) 

Streak-beta-wk2 (10)

I don't know who wrote the survey, but it probably should've gone through QA before pushed out.

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9 thoughts on “Dell Streak surveys for beta testers unlikely to affect final product

  • It might/may be used to help improve the 2.2 release when it comes out, but Dell already knows what to fix (ie get rid of the number pad on the keyboard).

    My guess is this is primarily for the marketing department, to garner some usable quotes, and be able to show off how much people like the device, etc.

  • How would you describe the Streak?

    How come “massive” isn’t an option?

    Ha. I love this phone. I’m in the States from July 12-18th for my honeymoon. I want to come home with this phone but it’s not looking good so far.

  • Can you answer “portrait home screen please” to every question?

  • I have a dream. Dream of a dedicated Dell team who is readying Froyo for July 14th. One that is paying no attention to the beta testers and just do the right thing for the right time.

    Just to make it clear … I personally am NOT going to buy anything that doesn’t have 2.2 already on. I want top functionality and performance and see no reason to leave 500$ to Michael Dell without Froyo. And I couldn’t care less if I get the proprietary Dell UI or the Froyo base. I just want x2-x5 perf and Flash.

    If they are doing their business right they should be reading this site. Not many other sites doing such a wonderful job out there on the device.
    Pretty please!

  • Avatar of izzykareem

    looking at those questions… i think “beta-testers” is not quite accurate. as @geek said, it looks more like marketing, stat-gathering, use-case questions.

  • None of my business Jonathan, but I think trying to get your hands on this phone while on your honeymoon should be the last thing on your mind! I mean it only shoots VGA, not 720p, so video recording is not worth keeping! Plus, it has no kick stand to prop it up!!

  • The real value of the Beta Test is probably data collected from automated crash reports.

  • Avatar of Unit562

    I was a beta tester for this phone, and was extreamly disapointed. mainly because the IMEI blocking that made it impossible to use my streak. But than 2.2 came out and now im here useing my streak again. Now im impressed with the phone. They fixed a lot of the problems and at&t isnt yelling at me and turninv off my phone anymore. :)


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