Dell Streak vs Apple iPhone 4

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If you're thinking about using the Dell Streak as your primary phone, then you might be wondering how it stacks up against the new iPhone 4. They have more differences than similarities, but if AT&T ends up subsidizing the Streak and the two devices are both on display at the store (they probably wouldn't be side-by-side), then a quick surface comparison could come in handy.

I'll be doing a more in-depth comparison of the Streak, iPhone 4, and HTC EVO 4G on Pocketables, one of my other sites, in the next week or so. What follows is simply a rundown of the specs and some photos (just like I did in the Streak vs EVO post).


Streak-iphone4 (2) 

Streak-iphone4 (3) 

Streak-iphone4 (4) 

Streak-iphone4 (5) 

Streak-iphone4 (6) 

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Streak-iphone4 (8) 

In the rest of the photos, you'll see the Streak and iPhone 4 with their screens set at maximum brightness.

Streak-iphone4 (11) 

Streak-iphone4 (12) 

Streak-iphone4 (13) 

Streak-iphone4 (14) 

Although the iPhone 4's screen is considerably smaller than the Streak's, its higher resolution and pixel density make text crisper and clearer.


Streak-iphone4 (10) 

iPhone 4:

Streak-iphone4 (9) 

But don't feel sorry for the Streak.

Streak-iphone4 (15) 

Streak-iphone4 (16) 

In addition to its screen being truly amazing in direct sunlight, it also displays blacker blacks and richer colors.

Streak-iphone4 (17)

Will you be (or are you) using the Dell Streak as your primary phone?

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Jenn K. Lee is the founder of Pocketables. She loves gadgets the way most women love shoes and purses. The pieces in her tech wardrobe that go with everything are currently the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Sony Tablet P, and Nexus 7, but there are still a couple of vintage UMPCs/MIDs in the back of her closet.

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36 thoughts on “Dell Streak vs Apple iPhone 4

  • The Dell Streak has a 5″ screen versus the iPhone’s 3.5″. It only sounds about 40% bigger but in actual fact, the DS’s screen *area* is more that TWICE as big.

    When are we getting a release date?

  • This will be my primary phone.

  • Been waiting on the US release of the Streak since January. It will be my primary phone (no home phone now). My three year old Tilt needs to be retired, but I just really don’t care for any Apple products. My wife has the iPhone 4 and, I have a third generation iPod. I don’t like either one of them.

    The Streak will be replacing my cell phone, my gps, my iPod, and probably my pocket digital camera. I don’t mind the Streak being slightly larger since I have to cart around four products any way. The real decision will come when I get it in my hot little hands: will it replace my laptop full-time? I only use it for movies on the go and non-business browsing while at home/work.

  • Avatar of Jonathan b

    i need a release date before i go crazy come on dell

  • I will be buying a Steak as my primary phone. It will be replacing a standard non-smart phone and my ancient Dell Axim PDA. This will be my first Android device and I am eagerly awaiting its US release. I have the money ready to go … hear that DELL? GET A MOVE ON!

  • Yes this will be my primary phone .. Ive had an HTC advantage and that was one chunky smart device.. i played with the archos 5 at best buy which is pretty much the same size just the dell is longer.. im happy with that

  • This will be my primary phone asap i can get one in Europe for a tolerable price … 550€ is not acceptable :|

    Will the us model be based on specific radio frequence or does the streak can work in the state as well as in europe ???


  • Oh… missed the question.

    Hell yeah this will be my primary phone. I will finally be retiring my limited edition Black Tie Treo 650. People make fun of the Treo cause it’s so big (“is that a walkie talkie?”). The Streak has a larger footprint but is smaller in overall volume.

    Can’t wait much longer. I don’t even mind rocking the Android 1.6 until the update comes. No need to wait until the 2.2 release before you release this beast.

  • Avatar of csmith7502

    It will be my primary phone. I will be replacing my Nokia N97. I need to join a therapy group for people waiting for an electronic to be released. I still do Google searches even though I have a Google alert set up. This is driving my nuts!

  • I was so looking forward to this phone. For months I have viewed pics, read reviews and news, looked at accessories, and now that I might be able to get one next month I am wondersing should I? This tablet/phone (I would use as my primary) has no built in HDMI, no wireless n, less screen resolution than iPhone, only 1.6 (I know…I know…Update later this year), no 720p video, no kickstand (only on carry case assesory), no….. The Streak should have been out earlier this year, they waited and waited. I imagine v.2 will be out soon enough with better features, less out of pocket, and faster processor. Go get it guys and gals, I will wait on the sideline and jump in next time. I want a tablet/phone that is more up-to-date for $500 and a good couple of years of use!

  • Yuck an iPhone! I hate seeing these two devices even touch each other! In my personal opinion the Streak completely blows away the iPhone. The only thing the iPhone has going for it is it’s high resolution screen.

    I will be purchasing the Streak in America immediately and it will be my everyday device.

  • Absolutely. I’ve been killing myself waiting for this phone. I have a backflip on ATT so I’m excited to get it from dell so I can load third party apps on there!

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  • Avatar of izzykareem

    this will be my primary universe dominating device (and everyday phone as well)

    btw, good call on the deeper blacks, my wife’s iPhone3GS’s blacks look so washed out although i have no issue with the phone itself, its quite nice.

  • Avatar of izzykareem

    @Daman and @Steve, same here. I do searches 10x a day, literally. I probably kill Jen’s unique visitor webtrends stats (vs. actual page views).

  • I really want a streak but I definitely see where you are coming from and have much of the same concerns I feel like this phone would of set the standard if it was released in december-january they have had a working model since october 2009 but if the second iteration is to far away I will get the streak.

  • Primary phone and “everything” device. GPS, laptop, media player. Just need Google to update Android & Docs to allow basic editing and this will be the only device I need to carry.

  • I will be using this as my primary phone. They really need to hurry up with letting us know when it will be available.

  • What’s the benefit of Wireless n?
    As it stands, all the other “benefits” that the iPhone has are negatives IMO. I mean, all that resolution on such a tiny screen? You’ll be pinch zooming everything.

    Can’t wait for it to be released in Australia.

  • hi
    when u said “no wireless n” do mean Wifi. i think it has Wifi. Sorry if i got you wrong


  • damn right! this will replace my iphone 3gs as my primary phone. i’m so freaking tired of opening closing apps all the time just to get a single information. Android OS is more desktop like and they did a great job of implementing open source and live widgets. up to date info right in your face!! I had the iphone 3gs for almost a year now, it was a good but not great experience but I needed more advance than iphone and android OS is more advance than apple hands down.

  • As both the phones have 30 pin connector can I use my existing iPhone dock for dell streak?

  • Avatar of TractorNipples

    If it comes to t-mobile with 3G… the yeah it will be my primary phone.

  • No, the connectors aren’t compatible. I tried switching the cables but they don’t work.

  • Avatar of Tired of Waiting

    Yes this will be my primary phone by default. I’m still crying over the Smakit S7. They could have added the third UMTS 1700 and I would have been using that instead.

  • It will be my primary phone if it comes to T-Mo. I will be replacing Moto Cliq…

  • I have been waiting for this device for months now. It will replace my Blackberry, MP3 & Laptop (well it died 3 months ago :) It will also be my only phone as I don’t have a home phone. I will use it primarily as a web browser, maps, email (personal & work on-call) and WunderRadio while riding my motorcycle.

  • Avatar of DarkPotato

    nexus one..dell streak….evo 4g… x1…… jenn you need a major give away :D

  • Oh thats a bad news. But thanks:)

  • That apple screen looks nice but shame the colours aren’t up to much. I dare say if I ever need to peer at the screen from 2″ away, I’ll regret not getting the Iphone!

  • does the streak have the camera on the front for vid chatting?

  • dell streak is a nice n good looking phone with smooth touch screen.
    dell is better than iphone 4. i hd iphone 4 but i m not that much happy with iphone how much i happy with dell nd dell streak is very amazing phone to play games nd watching videos nd dell have also so much apps much better than iphone 4.

  • guys i am being offered by a person who has dell streak 5 to exchange with my iphone 3gs. should i exchange it? well it has scratched corners and expired warranty with no handsfree. i am little confused need little help to decide……….


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