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Dell Streak won’t turn on without back cover


If you use several microSD cards with the Dell Streak and also unlock the UK version so that you can swap SIMs, you may be interested in knowing that the device won't turn or stay on when the back cover is removed. So even though the microSD card is accessible without removing the battery, don't expect to be able to flip the Streak over while you're using it, pop off the back cover, put in a new card, and just continue doing what you were doing.

The back cover is easy enough to take off and put back on, but if I know I won't be using the Streak for very long (e.g., transferring content from a microSD card), it would obviously be faster to be able to leave the cover off. The only reason I discovered the cover/safety/lock switch in the first place is that I was testing SIMs and wanted to know if they would be recognized. Since it would only take a moment to find out, it didn't make sense to keeping removing and replacing the back plate.

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6 thoughts on “Dell Streak won’t turn on without back cover

  • I’ve heard that the Streak gives you 5 seconds before it powers off the unit when you take off the back. I also heard that there are two sensors in the back that do this, I wonder how hard it would be to trick those sensors.

  • I think it’s a continuity switch, using ‘the back plate’ to complete the circuit between the two pins.
    if so, it should be dead easy to trick.

  • My Dell Axim also shuts down/won’t turn on if the back cover is off (or even if you simply unlatch the back cover without removing it).

    From the unboxing pictures, it looks like you remove the back cover by sliding it down, then it pulls out, correct? If you just slide the cover without removing it, does that count as on or off?

    I don’t remember what the Nexus One did if you took off the back cover.

  • Yep, slide down and pull off.

    Sliding it down will “flip the switch” and turn off the Streak.

  • Avatar of monica

    i dont know how to take the back cover off, help

  • Hey guys

    Just turn your streak off. then you remove the back cover. Now if this is done you can power on your device by pressing and holding down all hardware buttons from your phone, wich means the camerabutton the powerbutton and both volumebuttons.

    I hope it helps

    kind regards


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