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Glossy sides of Dell Streak aren’t scratch proof

Dell-streak-scratches (1)

The Dell Streak's display may be almost indestructible thanks to Corning's Gorilla Glass, but the glossy soft plastic used on either side of it sure isn't.

My Streak is less than a week old and has been babied the whole time, yet there are already some light surface scratches on the sides. They are only visible at certain angles (you'll see in the photos that sometimes you can't see them at all and other times they look quite bad), but they're definitely there. This is another reason the glass should've been used on the entire face of the device.

I'm getting another Streak in a few days (I'll tell you more when it arrives) and will treat it exactly the same as this one, so we'll see what happens. I don't expect my new one to be any more scratch-resistant, but who knows. The fact that I have scratches on both sides suggests that the plastic is just very easy to scratch, though, so I'm not expecting any miracles.

Dell-streak-scratches (2)

Dell-streak-scratches (4)

Dell-streak-scratches (7)

Dell-streak-scratches (3)

Dell-streak-scratches (5) 

Dell-streak-scratches (6)

Since I don't know what caused all these scratches, I don't know how to prevent them. So be extra careful with yours!

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11 thoughts on “Glossy sides of Dell Streak aren’t scratch proof

  • Reminds me to ask, any signs of someone offering a silicon sleeve yet?

    With a set of red tweakers, I have decked my daily gear in red, so a red streak would go well

  • 2 Streaks? I don’t even have one!

  • I can’t stand when manufacturers use that cheap glossy black plastic that scratches just by rubbing it. Believe it or not, I usually won’t buy something when it has a large area of that stuff, especially since there are plenty of alternatives, like soft-touch materials.

  • Avatar of izzykareem

    that’s what i was thinking

  • None that I’ve seen yet. The skin would have to be really thin to not get in the way of the touch buttons (if it covered the sides and just had holes for them).

  • Thanks for that link.

    I actually looked at Zagg before writing the post but a search for “Dell Streak” comes up empty. I guess I should’ve just searched for “Dell” so that Zagg’s “Dell 5 Inch Slate” products would show up. :-D

  • Avatar of Mike Wong

    anyone knows where I can purchase Streak unlocked here in U>S. for decent price? I saw couple on ebay but they are too expensive right now.

  • You’re welcome. I did the same thing and then tried their guided search and found it that way. I sent customer support an email asking them if they would fix the name since people are having trouble finding it, we’ll see what happens.

    Love the site btw!

  • I’m assuming they don’t make anything yet… but couldn’t you buy a screen protector for another phone and cut it to shape to fit the 2 ends of the streak? Buttons should still work though it since they use them on touch screens.

  • Did you expect any different? Just about every manufacture uses this terrible shiny plastic. I’ve thought about using high grit sandpaper to buff out the shiny layer on a few of my electronics. Now I don’t buy anything shiny anymore.


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