How pocketable is the Dell Streak?

Streak-pocket (1)

Even though you've already seen how big the Dell Streak is compared to various gadgets and other objects, you may still be wondering whether the device will fit in your pocket. Particularly if you want to use the Streak as your primary phone, pocketability is an important feature to consider.

So I slide the device into a bunch of different pockets and took pictures of how well it fit. Check them out below.

Streak-pocket (10) 

Streak-pocket (2) 

Streak-pocket (3) 

Streak-pocket (5)  

Streak-pocket (9) 

Pockets on men's clothing are generally big and deep, so the Streak fits in there pretty nicely. It will stick out a little in a front shirt pocket or back pocket but will be engulfed by a front pants pocket.

Streak-pocket (6)

It's obviously way too big for that coin pocket on men's jeans, but it's thin enough to fit in there.

Streak-pocket (4) 

Streak-pocket (7) 

Streak-pocket (8) 

There's a lot more variation in pocket sizes and shapes on women's clothing, so carrying the Streak in them isn't as feasible.

Streak-pocket (11) 

Streak-pocket (12)

And don't even think about it if you're a baby!

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10 thoughts on “How pocketable is the Dell Streak?

  • Women and children need not apply.

  • Ha I love the pocket shots, thanks for my Dell Streak fix for the day!

  • kinda of what i expected!!!

  • good write up! thanks for this! hey is your streak rooted?

  • Loved this – thanks for the great visuals. I’m considering a pocketable device but being female the big screens just seem big for my pockets (then of course I have to worry about skirts with no pockets!)

    This is very nice for comparison shots… and love the baby pockets ;)

  • I love this thing!
    can’t wait to have it one..

    I think this is great combination between iPad and nexus one
    I can read my ebooks all the time

  • How do you normally carry phones while wearing skirts w/o pockets?

  • I do love your blog !
    I want to apply for a streak as a job tool mainly but i’m also a photograph and i do appreciate the subject you treat but also the quality used to complete it
    Last, see some women stuffs there and there show the gadget more integrated to real life and much more colorfull
    I will follow your blog :)



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