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How to install apps that are “not supported” by the HTC EVO

Evo-install-unsupported (1)If you download a lot of apps for your HTC EVO 4G that aren't in Android Market and haven't already encountered the warning message you see on the right, then there's a good chance that you eventually will.

One day you'll see an .apk file somewhere, assume it'll download and install just like every other .apk you've clicked on from various places online, and then wonder why the file you want is being described as content that is not supported. Since the pop-up message says your EVO can't find any application to open the file you're trying to download, you may be tempted to tap the "Exit" button.

But don't!

Do this instead:

Evo-install-unsupported (2)

1. Tap the "Download" button. When the file is downloaded, it'll show up without an Android thumbnail next to it in your download history.

Evo-install-unsupported (4)

Evo-install-unsupported (3)

2. Now go to Android Market and install ASTRO File Manager (more robust) or appInstaller.

3. Launch the app (whichever one you just installed).

4. The "unsupported" file you just downloaded will appear in the list.

5. Now just tap to install it.

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5 thoughts on “How to install apps that are “not supported” by the HTC EVO

  • What do you do when you get a “parse error.” I tried to download and install the apk. for rockplayerbase and when I ran appinstall it said “parse error” and forced closed. Looking through the forums, they suggests a file manager, but nothing worked.

  • This is great and all but how do you know if the application needs to be updated? Without installing it via the market is there a way?

  • I’m getting the same “Parse” error when i try to install rockplayerbase as well. Help.

  • You need to look it up yourself, just like if you install an app that isn’t from the Market (not just “unsupported” ones). Until devs can make the apps auto-update or at least look for updates on their own, you just gotta stay on top of it yourself.

  • Joe, there’s an app in the market place called “appbrain” which is fed through This app catelogs all of your apps. So if you should ever have to do a factor reset or replace the phone, appbrain will reintall all the devices. Additionally, it notifies you when apps have been updated.


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