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HTC EVO 3500mAh extended battery photos revealed

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We've always known that Seidio had an Innocell 3500mAh extended battery in the works for the HTC EVO, and while we still don't know the price or release date, we now at least know what it looks like thanks to some new photos the company has just added to its website.

This extended battery has more than twice the capacity of the EVO's stock 1500mAh battery, so it adds considerable bulk to the device (unlike the slim 1750mAh battery) and of course requires that you ditch the phone's original backplate for Seidio's replacement. The new soft-touch back will be bundled with the battery, so the only thing you'll need to worry about is finding compatible accessories and deciding whether all that extra runtime is worth the hump on your EVO's back. More photos below.

Innocell-3500mah-evo (2) 

Innocell-3500mah-evo (3) 

With something like this, you can forget all about those 20 tips to improve the EVO's battery life.

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30 thoughts on “HTC EVO 3500mAh extended battery photos revealed

  • Tuff decision. I was hoping they would make this look more streamlined, like they did for the nexus one. Granted, it adds bulk to the entire back, but there is no hump. I suppose the kickstand is what threw a wrench into that idea. I wonder what the price will end up being. Probably $69.99 like other 3500 batteries on their site. I wish the 1750 battery was cheaper so it woulds till seem like a good value for only a 15% increase.

    On the plus side, it looks like you could still use their holster with this configuration.

    I wonder if they will make a case that goes over this. Doubtful, since the one complaint about cases is that they add bulk. this thing is adding enough bulk as it is.

    Another positive, is that the camera should never touch any surface with this.

  • Patrick I agree in so many ways. Would love to have that battery. I wonder what will happen to the 1800 mah Amzer price for $51 at I hope they just drop the price to get close to the seidio 1750 mah. I would love to see the price drop.

  • It’s not worth it. My PPC-6700 required one of these & it was like carrying around a brick. You negate all the accessories and kill the design of the phone, which, in my opinion, should have been optimized for battery life to begin with. It shouldn’t require that you turn off all the services that motivated you to buy the phone in the first place, augment the physical design of the device, and spend hours, days, or weeks trying to tweak the phone to work as advertised.

  • I agree with ThreeSinsOfSeven. I thought i would have wanted this but looking at it and imagining the feel of it in my pocket… no thanks I’ll just wait for a slim 2000 mah.

  • This is the same extended battery that’s being sold for the HTC TP2, which I have. Specs are identical as well. Placed it in the EVO and it worked fine. It certainly should not be priced any differently. I talked to Seidio to see if I could buy just the back and was told no. If I bought the battery with the back and broke it they would sell me just that part. Seems a little silly.

  • Not a tough decision for me at all. That thing is FUGLY!

  • I agree. We all bought this phone for all its cool features but we can barely use it with the standard battery,

    If I did gets this brick of a battery than a holster would be the way to go. I came from blackberry so I’m used to that.

    Still keeping that 30 day return policy in mind because of this stupid battery issue,

  • Avatar of Ghengis Kwan

    Looks like a good size. The EVO is too thin, when I hold the machine my hands are cupped and find myself supporting the whole machine with my fingertips. After a period of usage I find myself squeezing the machine really hard to prevent it from slipping out of my hands.

  • I would buy this in a second just for the added camera lens protection

  • I would never ruin the look of this beautiful phone with one of those things. I haven’t had the same issues with the battery as others. I do keep mine on charger at work but I have done that with all my phones so it’s no inconvenience. I might consider the other battery that doesn’t change the look.

  • For those experiencing battery issues, give this a try… It has greatly improved my battery life…

    1. Goto phone dialer and dial *#*#4636#*#*
    2. Wait a sec and a sreen will pop-up. Select Phone information.
    3. Scroll down to “Set Preffered Network Type”.
    4. If it is set to “GSM Auto (PRL), change it to “CDMA Auto (PRL).
    5. Back out of the page and return to your home screen.
    6. Reboot.
    7. Repeat steps 1-3 and ensure the changes took. “Set Preffered Network Type” should be “CDMA Auto (PRL).

    It is reported this is a setting that was incoorectly set on an early batch of phones from the factory. Basiclly, the incorrect setting has the phone querying for a GSM Network and since we are not GSM the phone continues to poll the airways eatting up precious battery.

    Hope this helps someone out there. If you’d like I can point you in the direction of the forum in which I found this so that you can read more details. Not sure if posting a link to another forum is acceptible here!


  • I wouldn’t buy this. The phone is as slim as I’d like it. I hope there’s stronger batteries that keep its original aesthetics.

  • I would buy this in a heartbeat if Seidio would make a custom Innocase to fit it. The EVO won’t be my primary phone unless it can magically grow a SIM slot and AT&T bands, so the size doesn’t matter to me at all, just the utility.

  • The secret with good battery life is to only turn on 3g whenever you need internet on demand, such as only keep it on during lunch, and before you show off your phone to people. The mobile widget is very handy and quick for turning off and on your internet.

  • Hello all,

    I bought the Evo 4 days ago (6/9) and I love it. One thing I have noticed is that after I fully charge it, the battery drops down from 100 to 90 pretty rapidly (in a matter of minutes), and then after that the battery life is pretty good. I am using Battery Indicator. Is something wrong with the app or is something wrong with my battery? I don’t know why it drops from 100 to 90 so quickly. Any responses would be appreciated, thanks!

  • I’ve observed the same behavior.

  • Avatar of amoricaorbust

    turn off friend stream. with the widget on and set to update once an hour, I was getting 6 hours of battery time with the phone sitting idle. after removing friend stream i have had no problems with battery. it last me all day with moderate use.

  • I came from an HTC Touch Pro 2, and with this battery, the Evo will be even thicker that that phone was. I don’t think I could handle the HUGE increase in size. Guess I’ll be keep my chargers handy.

  • A dream phone with a nightmare of a problem. I got the phone when it firs came out on the 4th of June. What was Sprint and HTC thinking when they put out a phone that wont let you use the features that make the phone attractive. I will most likely be returning the phone befor my 30 days are over — I am considering the new iPhone4 which is looking pretty good now. Since I am a new sprint customer (only because of the Evo) that means I will have to go with AT&T.

  • Anyone else bought the Seidio Extended Battery(3500) for the Evo. I use my phone a lot and I don’t care about the look, just the ability to get the most out of it without having to charge it 2-3 times a day. I’ve already done most all of the battery save tips and run Advanced Task Killer to keep non used apps to a minimum. Help?

  • this battery is almost needed. people like me who are used to only charging their phone once a day. the standerd battery is rediculous and is making me down grade apps and worry to much about the phones life.

  • I agree, I like the thought of the camera lens protection too.

  • i tried to do this to my phone.. I got mine the day it came out… it goes back to enter a number.. doesn’t show the network

  • i would love to get the 3500mAh extended battery form the evo. I live in a 4g area and use my phone alot. My only concern is the new battery only boosts the battery life ton 15 percent. I only Charge my phone once a day. Will the 15 percent boost last me the whole day with heavy use and 4G turned on?????

  • 15%? Where did you see this? This battery is MORE than double the capacity of the stock battery. So it adds about 130% life actually. I’ve had mine for a couple days and it is hands down the best phone accessory I have ever purchased. The pics don’t do it justice, it really does not look bad at all, I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend this to every Evo owner.

  • I have the HTC EVO 3500 extended battery by Innocell. It really works. I can go all day or night without a charge. The trick is to shut it semi down or only turn it on to email or whatever. It works so well I bought another one.

  • Avatar of TheJPomp

    As others have said there are optimizations you can make to make the default battery last longer than the way it comes, but I bought the 3500 and it simply rocks. You can get days with the right tweaks, or even without. I usually have 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS turned off and I can go two days if needed.

    Anyways, the battery rocks and is well worth the money and added weight. I kind of like the added weight anyways.

  • I got this one.

    battery is more than enough to run a day and some hours with moderate use of the phone (bluetooth & gps enabled, music running, seldom apps running for a bit throughout the day like checking the maps or browsing etc)

    on full power (everything on, using the apps often like I have nothing to do all day) last time I managed to go about 12 hours or so.

    so performance wise its a very good choice.

    now for the hump….
    just tonight I found that the same manufacturer (Seidio) already launched the “innocase extended” and some other stuff that goes with it like a belt clamp on holster.

    they also have a bundle for it and a rugged version of the case.

    if anyone buys it can you please give me feedback? I’d like to try it but ran out of yay-budget for gadgets.


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