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HTC EVO 4G faces Apple iPhone 4

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You saw how the HTC EVO 4G and iPhone 4 compared on paper a few weeks ago. Now see how they look in person (well, in photos posted on the internet and viewed on your computer screen).

Evo-iphone4 (2)

Evo-iphone4 (3) 

Evo-iphone4 (4) 

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I don't have plans to do any in-depth comparisons between the two phones here (I'll post an EVO vs iPhone 4 vs Dell Streak article on Pocketables soon), but you can probably draw your own conclusions about some aspects of the devices from the photos below.

The EVO and iPhone both have their displays set at maximum brightness in all of the images.

Evo-iphone4 (11) 

Evo-iphone4 (12) 

Evo-iphone4 (13) 

Evo-iphone4 (14) 

Here's a close-up of how text looks on both devices (EVO first – far zoom setting, iPhone second – default zoom from double-tap):

Evo-iphone4 (10) 

Evo-iphone4 (9) 

And finally, here are the two phones displaying a pure black background followed by a red rose.

Evo-iphone4 (15) 

Evo-iphone4 (16) 

Regardless of what you think of the iPhone 4, the quality of its display (even though it's smaller) is quite impressive.

Evo-iphone4 (1) 

This is probably a silly question to ask on this site and I know a lot of people switched from an iPhone to get the EVO, but does anyone else have an iPhone 4? Anyone thinking of getting one?

I love all kinds of gadgets, regardless of brand or the rabid fanbase associated with it, so I have a lot of devices that are supposed to be competitors living peacefully with me. Flame wars are so unnecessary. Just like what you like, use what you use, and respect other people's choices!

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