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HTC EVO 4G faces Motorola Cliq XT in Android Cup


The Motorla Cliq XT is hardly a worthy adversary to face off against the HTC EVO 4G in Game 3 of LAPTOP's Android Cup, but it won't be long before the EVO goes screen-to-screen with stronger competitors in the ring.

After we all help it knock out the Cliq XT, which it's already doing, it will move on to a battle with either the myTouch3G Slide or LG Ally before going up against what I assume will be the HTC Droid Incredible in the semi-finals. But before that can happen, we need to get in the EVO's corner and encourage it to keep fighting by voting for it.

The question LAPTOP is asking is very simple: Which phone is better?

Cast your vote here.

Thanks, K T!

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6 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G faces Motorola Cliq XT in Android Cup

  • It’s going to be Dell streak vs. Nexus one vs. Evo vs. Droid incredible. Then it will be Evo vs. Streak or Evo vs. Neus one, but idk why the streak is in this, since it’s a tablet.

  • I’d never even heard of the Dell Streak until now. I’ll stick with the Evo, even when it comes to the U.S. For one, its not on AT&T. For another, as big as it is, its not a behemoth like the Streak, and seems like the Evo has more functionality I’d use (e.g., FM radio). They might as well put phone functions on an iPad and hold that monster up to their ears. lol

  • Getting my EVO tomorrow night. Can’t wait to make some informed opinions after checking in here a bunch of times each day for the past month or so.

  • I should be getting a Streak in the next few days (early next week at the latest, depending on whether it gets held up in customs), so I’ll do some comparisons.

    I’m also starting a dedicated Streak site soon, so if you’re interested in the device, you can check there for lots of coverage. :-)


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