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HTC EVO 4G fingerprints/smudges removal tests


When people talk about touchscreens, they often say that while it doesn't take long for fingerprints and other oily substances to accumulate on a screen, all those smudges and smears come right off with a quick wipe on a T-shirt.

Since cleaning the screen is something I do on myHTC EVO a few times a day, I decided to put together a fun little test with four different types of material to see which one removed the most grime after "a quick wipe," which I've defined as two full swipes across the screen.

Htc-evo-smudge (1)

Each "test" started with a screen covered in fingerprints to simulate the worst-case scenario without going overboard in trying to make it gross (the screen doesn't get this filthy from normal use). Then I took the material, wiped it very deliberately straight across the entire length of the display, wiped it once more in the opposite direction, and took a picture of the results.

Microfiber Cloth

Htc-evo-smudge (2) 

Htc-evo-smudge (6) 

Cotton T-Shirt

Htc-evo-smudge (5) 

Htc-evo-smudge (9) 

Polishing Cloth

Htc-evo-smudge (3) 

Htc-evo-smudge (7) 

Denim Shorts

Htc-evo-smudge (4) 

Htc-evo-smudge (8) 

The verdict?

When people say that fingerprints wipe off "quickly," they don't mean in two swipes. I use a circular motion, personally, and probably make about 10 fast circles around the whole screen before checking out my handiwork.

You can't really tell from the pictures (and it doesn't matter anyway), but the microfiber cloth actually did the best job.

Yes, there are many highly sophisticated and scientific tests going on at the G&E labs. ;-)

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