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HTC EVO 4G loses to myTouch 3G Slide in Android Cup

Evo-android-cup-mytouchThe HTC EVO 4G easily defeated the Motorola Cliq XT in the first round of LAPTOP's Android Cup, but it must've gotten caught with a very lucky punch in the second round because it was just defeated by the myTouch 3G Slide.

It was a tragically narrow victory that could have been turned around with the help of G&E, but I didn't find out about the match until it was over (my baby girl and two other websites have been keeping me very busy).

Exactly how the myTouch 3G Slide managed to beat the EVO with its 3.4-inch 480 x 320 screen and 600MHz processor is anyone's guess, but it's too late to do anything about it now.

Oh well. Regardless of the outcome, we all know which is the better phone.

Thanks, K T!

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5 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G loses to myTouch 3G Slide in Android Cup

  • Well that’s just ludicrous. I wish we would have known because the EVO should definitely be a winner in the android cup. Oh well, we know the truth

  • Well first of all this poll is junk. Alot of people were multi voting for the slide. So I and some other friends from Android Forums were doing the same. Using Google Chrome Incognito. It lets you reopen the page and deletes all cookies so the webpage wont recognize you. Therefore unlimited voting. The sad thing is that by the time we found out about this poll the slide had about a 800 vote lead. To much ground to cover and no time. But we came close. This is a fact I myself voted at least 200 times. At one point the slide gained 200 votes in 5 minutes. Impossible if it were not for some people multi voting like crazy for the slide. Here is the Android forum link for you doubters.
    So in other words this poll is BS and is a total misrepresentation.

  • Avatar of SilverZero

    It’s because all us adults were using our EVOs during the poll, while all the 12-year-old girls were standing in line for “Eclipse” and voting for their bejeweled T-Mobile MT3GS.

  • Yeah I missed the poll too. The numbers were definitely skewed and it’s just a popularity contest. Screw that website, I will never visit it again.

  • Avatar of Skyler

    If I had known of this poll the Evo would have definitely won. :) Best phone of 2010


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