iPhone 4 confirmed to have 512MB of RAM

Iphone4_multitasking Although Apple has published the full specifications for the hotly anticipated iPhone 4, following tradition it hasn't revealed some of the hard numbers behind the curtain, which although unimportant to some people, are big points of interest for enthusiasts like us at Pocketables and I'm sure many of you, our readers. So it's good to hear that MacRumors has now confirmed that Apple's latest creation has 512MB of RAM. This brings it up to speed with the latest leading handsets and is double the amount found in the iPhone 3GS and iPad.

This latest discovery explains some previous questions we had regarding the roll-out of iOS4, with the lack of multitasking on the old iPhone 2G and 3G now explained by their lack of RAM (only 128MB) in comparison with new models. It also partially demonstrates why the impressive looking iMovie app will only be available on the 4. The increase in RAM in combination with the powerful A4 processor should make for a very potent combination providing the effortless multitasking and powerful performance users will be hoping for when the iPhone 4 makes its debut later this month.

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