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Is the HTC EVO 4G too big for your pocket?

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For those who have never used or seen the HTC HD2 or similarly sized MIDs/UMPCs in person, the HTC EVO 4G's 4.3-inch screen probably sounds insanely big. I've shown in my EVO size comparisons that it isn't unmanageably large, but if none of the other devices in that post were familiar to you, then you may still be unsure of the phone's size, especially if you want to carry it in your pocket.

So I took my EVO, slipped it into several different kinds of pockets (mostly my husband's), and of course took some pictures. Check them out below.

Htc-evo-pocket (3) 

Htc-evo-pocket (4)   

Htc-evo-pocket (6)

Since the pockets on men's clothing are so wide and deep, the EVO has no problem fitting into them.

Htc-evo-pocket (5)

Htc-evo-pocket (7)

It even fits in the smaller coin pocket on men's jeans, though it sticks out at the top because of the pocket's depth (shown above).

Htc-evo-pocket (9) 

Htc-evo-pocket (14) 

Htc-evo-pocket (15) 

Htc-evo-pocket (8)

There will be a noticeable bulge when you lean forward and bend over if the phone is in your back pocket or when you lift your leg and put your hand in your pocket if the phone is in your front pocket, but it will be fairly imperceptible when standing normally (assuming your pants/shorts aren't tight).

Htc-evo-pocket (10) 

Htc-evo-pocket (11) 

Htc-evo-pocket (13) 

Women's jeans have much smaller pockets than men's, so the EVO will almost always stick out when carried in front pockets.

Htc-evo-pocket (2) 

Back pockets are no problem (the EVO isn't pushed all the way down in the photo above).

Htc-evo-pocket (12) 

Pockets on baby clothing, on the other hand, are another story!

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