ITG xpPhone showing off at Computex, Zack Morris would be proud

Jkk_xpphone In the mobile gadget world, it's very easy to assume that vaporware runs rampant, and there have been plenty of examples over the years to prove that point. When the ITG xpPhone first appeared last year, there were probably just a few people that actually thought it would come to market, and probably none of them were outside the halls of ITG.

Well, now we know that the xpPhone is indeed the real thing, from the various product demos over the past few months, to the advance info received by Jenn as she's maintained direct contact with ITG. At Computex 2010 this week, JKK of jkkmobile has been able to get a nice hands-on demo of the xpPhone, and although the size still looks a bit unwieldly, the performance definitely looks up to par. Running Windows Embedded Standard, the xpPhone looks to have a very snappy interface as it jumps back and forth from the phone dialer to the Windows desktop.

Check the video after the break to see if the xpPhone may have a chance at landing in your gadget bag in the near future.

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