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Quick look: Seidio 1750mAh slim battery for HTC EVO

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If you've already checked out my HTC EVO battery tips but still want more runtime without bulking up your phone, Seidio's 1750mAh slim battery is now shipping for $41 from Amazonir?t=goodandevo 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B003602HIO - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here (Seidio sells it for $50). Although its real capacity has been contested by BatteryBoss, its stated capacity is more than the EVO's standard 1500mAh battery. It's also the same physical size as the standard battery, which means the EVO's appearance isn't altered the way it would be with a larger extended battery that requires its own backplate.

Evo-seidio-1750mah (2)

Lithium ion batteries don't need to be conditioned, primed, or cycled the way old nickel batteries do, but Seidio still instructs users to charge the 1750mAh battery for 8 hours before first use and says performance will increase after 5 or 6 full charges.

I don't believe this but will do it anyway so my results from this battery aren't criticized because I didn't "follow the instructions." I just got the unit today so it'll take some time before I can report back with full results. In the meantime, here's a quick look at the Seidio 1750mAh slim battery.

Evo-seidio-1750mah (3) 

Evo-seidio-1750mah (4) 

Evo-seidio-1750mah (5) 

I'm actually already getting good battery life from the standard battery, and I've only applied a few of my battery tips. This is my battery usage from a few days ago:


Usage on this day included 2 hours of 3G mobile hotspot use, email, web browsing, Android Market, and a lot of standby, which is pretty typical for me.

On a related note, G&E reader Dan4G wrote in to tell me about an upcoming 1800mAh slim batteryir?t=goodandevo 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B003O2RZOA - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here ($54.95) made by Amzer, a company that also makes a fair amount of other EVO accessoriesir?t=goodandevo 20&l=ur2&o=1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here. Amzer products for the EVO are also available on CheapDroids. Thanks, Dan4G!

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23 thoughts on “Quick look: Seidio 1750mAh slim battery for HTC EVO

  • I’ve been holding off on buying an EVO until the hype dies down and people can get past the initial wow factor of it’s gorgeous screen.

    Here is a question for you-

    As a gadget lover and an obvious fan of the EVO from the beginning of hearing about its incredible list of specs that it ships with do you think that you can give the EVO an honest critique as far as it’s shortfalls?

    Please do not mistake my asking as a question of your journalistic integrity, because I know when I get a new camera or phone I’m pretty fired up as well.

    I’m just wondering if it won’t become a real bother to have to tweak settings and turn off 4g and then back on to use the phone effectively and get a full days use.

    I appreciate GoodandEvo and all the fantastic coverage you’ve provided. It has played a part of my daily routine.

    Thinking the EVO would be a fantastic tool for my blogging as well.

    *patiently waiting for the hype to die down*

  • I can give you my assessment so far, Joey while we wait for Jenn to chime in…

    To me, the biggest shortfall of the EVO is the 4G, which ironically is supposed to be its biggest advantage. I’m also a Clear 4G subscriber, and I have noticed that Clear is consistently 2-3 times faster than Sprint 4G in the exact same location. It was the same thing with the OverDrive, so either Sprint is capping these devices, or they are somehow using different antennas, repeaters, etc. than Clear, which is odd considering they are using the same network.

    My average speed on 4G with the EVO is about 2.20Mbps, which is a huge leap over Sprint 3G, but what makes it a disappointment is the fact that I average about 2.0Mbps on my iPhone 3GS. So to get pretty much the same speed as I have been used to on AT&T, I’m having to resort to managing the battery-sucking 4G radio. One thing about 4G, is if you leave it on standby overnight, the next morning the battery is almost gone, there is not a dormant mode like 3G has.

    In other words, my advice to people looking at the EVO would be to not make the decision based on the 4G feature, but base it on the entire package of specs. Consider 4G a bonus, and look at the fact that the EVO is a great device, the best Sprint has ever had. I’ve been a Sprint customer since 1996-97, and I have had every flagship smartphone they’ve released over the years, and this is the best. The Hotspot feature works great, the screen is gorgeous, and the camera actually works well enough to leave the regular digicam at home. I would rather have stock Android, like on my Nexus One, but SenseUI is OK, I just hope it doesn’t become a burden as we wait for Android 2.2, or Froyo.

    Overall, I am *very* happy with the phone!

  • I just received my Seidio 1750 battery yesterday. Unfortunately I’ve too busy using my EVO to swap it in. I’m going to let it charge overnight and probably give it a try tomorrow.

    I’m curious if the paper/plastic wrapping around your battery was as mangled as mine?

    Almost concerned about placing this thing in my EVO.

  • I agree this is the best phone I have ever used, and I have switched between three carriers. For me the killer is the battery life. Come Monday I have a feeling this phone will be charging on my desk or from my laptop. 4G absolutely drains the battery, especially in combination with browsing on the phone. When you tether you obviously aren’t using the (amazing) screen so it lasts a bit longer. This could be the only downfall for me as of now.

    The one thing I love on this phone is what also kills it. 4G speeds make browsing on the go a whole new experience. While tethering I have not gotten speeds slower that 3Mbps, but I get speeds of +4Mbps. (While inside my apartment, Philadelphia)
    I have also had 4G speeds at 1.5Mbps, but that was with one bar in my kitchen.

    The one improvement for this phone that could be done is a firmware update to automatically shutdown 4G in standby rather than manually turning it off, something like 15 minutes after the screen goes out.

    If you asked me would I get this phone again, I would say yes and I would definitely recommend it to any of my friends. Lastly, on thing people don’t comment on is the voice quality which has been perfectly clear on both ends.

  • Let me just say that I LOVE this new phone. I have been anxiously awaiting it and it was worth the wait!

    I think the biggest problem is definitely battery life. I am lucky and live in a 4G city. And whoa…is it fast! However, it depletes the batter super quick. I charge the phone all night, get up use it some and by the afternoon it needs another FULL charge. Yesterday I was using it alot b/c it is so new and needed to charge it twice.

    Please let us know how the extra battery is and if it is worth buying.

    One other concern I had is that I thought you could run multiple programs at once. Today, I was talking on the speakerphone and looking up something on the internet and it wouldn’t let me do both. The internet quit working? Is this normal? I thought one could multi-task on the device.

    Is anyone out there using this device as their hotspot? This thing brings up the internet faster than my home laptop through cable modem. If I knew my laptop would get a good signal from EVO I would drop RoadRunner Broadband thru Cable Company at $55/month and get the $29 Sprint EVO wireless hotspot!

    Thanks all!

  • Are these the same batteries as the TP2,I do not want to buy spare batteries again

  • You must have fallen back to 3G when you were trying to talk and use the internet at the same time. I believe 4G data is supposed to work with simultaneous voice calls.

  • You can see in the pics that the wrapper on mine isn’t very good either. I had to push it into the EVO with a little more force to get it in, but it’s fine.

  • The camera app is one of my biggest annoyances, as you saw in the article right above this one.

    Battery life hasn’t been an issue for me because of my usage, but I understand that it’s widely cited as the biggest flaw of the phone.

    I don’t use the EVO for media playback (I use an Archos 5 Android for video and a Sony X Walkman for audio) but if I did, I know I’d be disappointed by the lack of codec support. This is an issue with Android in general, as is the lack of Bluetooth HID support (grr!), so I don’t know if I should fault the EVO for it.

    The preloaded connectivity widgets make turning the various radios on/off really quick and easy, so I don’t think turning off 4G when you don’t need it would be bothersome. I turn off WiFi when I’m out of the house all the time; it just takes a single tap on the widget.

  • I got my Evo yesterday, on day two, at a Radio Shack in Chicago that had one left after a pre-order wasn’t claimed (that was their story anyway). The battery has been OK for me so far b/c I’ve been using mostly 3G except when I really need the extra speed.

    I do love the phone, but one thing that’s bothering me that I’ve only seen commented on here and there is the scrolling within apps, including (especially) the browsers. I would describe it as herky-jerky, uneven, and erratic — and I really can’t understand why. It can’t be the processor, but scrolling is definitely not nearly as smooth as on the iPod Touch or lots of other devices I’ve tried.

    Anybody else noticing this?

  • Avatar of dennisvjames

    I bought the fat battery (can’t remember if it’s 3000 or 3500) for my Pre from Seideo and have not been disappointed. I did learn to kill all my extras on the Pre before I received the big battery and it did help some. With the fat battery I rarely think about my battery any more. I am not a heavy user and don’t usually watch videos, but I am on the Internet a lot during the day. Even when I’m on the phone all day plus with my usual internet use, I only have to charge the phone every two to three days. So it looks like a bar of soap . I don’t know what this would mean when you are using it as a hotspot.

  • Are the more powerful batteries any much heavier than the standard that comes with the Evo?

  • So I’ve been following the threads of the seidio battery and “who says the evo battery isn’t good” interesting to see the results. Jenn K.Lee or anyone who’s been using the Seidio battery can you confirm if its much better then the HTC OEM battery that comes with the phone?? I hope either Android,Sprint or HTC chime in and see that this is a HUGE problem that needs fixing!! I also think it may have to do with the developers who create apps. A lot of apps are always running even if you dont turn them on and there always looking for the internet which isn’t normal. I just got off the phone with my friend who ran a test. He charged his phone overnight and this morning at 8:30 am he took it off (was at 100%) used advanced task manager to kill any apps that might have been running. when he woke up about 3 hrs later his battery was down to 78%!! DEF. NOT NORMAL!!

    Thanks guys!

  • Avatar of Mark Richards

    “but what makes it a disappointment is the fact that I average about 2.0Mbps on my iPhone 3GS. So to get pretty much the same speed as I have been used to on AT&T, I’m having to resort to managing the battery-sucking 4G radio.”

    What makes it better is the data plan. AT&T in this regard loses.

  • How do you figure that AT&T loses based on the data plan? Are you basing it on your experience or mine? For me, AT&T is consistently faster than Sprint for data here in my city, so I would consider that a plus for AT&T.

  • Avatar of DivineBest

    does anyone know if the Amzer 1800 mAh Lithium battery is the same size as the OEM battery?

  • Yes it is… it’s an 1800mah slim battery which fits as perfect as the htc oem batter y does!! I just wish I knew how good that battery was an if it was legit. A lot of batteries claim to be a certain mah an then turn out to be way off. So I dont want to spend $ on a battery thinking it is one thing and then is another, I got burned by the 1800mah Mugen battery!!

    On another note, can anyone who’s bought the Seidio 1750mah battery please confirm how good/bad it is??

  • Avatar of Andrew Sims

    He’s referring to AT&T no longer having an unlimited data plan, as Sprint does. And in most of the country (where I’m at, included… Rural Wisconsin…) Sprint has 3G service where AT&T is lucky to have any service at all. I’m glad AT&T can claim a happy customer in you.

  • So I got this battery last week and I am so far extremely disappointed. I just put my original HTC battery in and after a full charge I can say the HTC battery is much better. Comparing the two the Seidio was discharging at least twice as fast. I use my phone heavily and with the Seidio I was down to about 75% at around lunch time at work. With the HTC battery I’m only down to about 88% with the same amount of usage. I don’t know if I just got a bad one but I feel like it was a total rip off for the price at this point. I’ll wait and see what the results are with the Amzer are but I can’t see how it can be worse than the Seidio. Buyer beware.

  • Avatar of Cloudscape

    I your screenshot you manage to reduce Android System battery consumption to 4%, how did you manage that? In mine, even using all of your battery saving tips, the Android System eats at least 40% of my battery :(

  • A lot depends on your actual usage. As stated in the post, which is almost a year old now and based on Android 2.1, usage on this day included 2 hours of 3G mobile hotspot use, email, web browsing, Android Market, and a lot of standby.


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