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Review: Body Glove case for HTC EVO 4G

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One of the HTC EVO 4G cases available at Sprint is the Body Glove protective cover. It retails for $24.99 and features a unique back texture and cutouts for all the EVO's ports and buttons.


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Design & Quality

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The Body Glove case comes in two pieces: a dual-finished back plate and a thin black plastic rim to keep it all together.

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What makes this case more interesting than, say, the Seidio Innocase II Surface (AKA Best Buy Platinum Series) is the textured gray back set into the glossy black trim. The entire case is made of glossy plastic, but the gray covering is made of what I think is vinyl or some kind of similar material. It has a fabric-like quality to it that gives the case a lot of texture and grip.


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The case is lightweight and fits very well on the HTC EVO. The back plate is easily placed on the back of the phone, while the top piece is set atop it and snapped together in the corners. The case keeps the screen and camera lens lifted off whatever surface you decide to rest the phone on, which is nice.

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The pieces align perfectly and the fit is very secure (good luck getting the case off!).

Note: Although it looks like the two pieces are different colors in the image above, they are really both black. The pieces are just so glossy that the reflection of the lighting made one of them look gray.

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All of the EVO's hardware buttons and ports are accessible.

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There's even a cutout for what looks like absolutely nothing. There's nothing but smooth EVO hardware beneath it, so it looks like it's there for no reason. But it actually serves a purpose: stick a penny in the slot, turn it, and off pops the case.


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If you don't mind the "extra" cutout, which won't be useful on a regular basis unless you switch cases often, then I think the Body Glove protector cover is easily one of the nicest hard cases available for the HTC EVO 4G. The textured back gives it an almost futuristic look while improving grip (the last thing you want to do with your EVO is drop it, even if it can probably withstand the fall) and the overall quality is great.

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The Body Glove case for the HTC EVO is available from Sprint for $24.99.

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