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Review: Case Logic leather case for HTC EVO 4G


Since the official HTC EVO 4G release is still a few days away and none of its accessories will be available until then, early owners need to find their own way to protect the handset.

My original plan was to use one of the cases I have for my HTC HD2, which has very similar hardware. Unfortunately, form-fitting HD2 cases aren't a perfect match for the EVO because of the different camera/flash/speaker placement on the devices' backs.

So I started looking for third-party universal cases instead and eventually found this leather pouch from Case Logic at Target. It isn't the best case out there, of course, but until the real EVO cases start shipping (I'll be reviewing as many as I can get my hands on), this is better than tossing the phone into my pocket or purse completely unprotected.



The case comes fully exposed but trapped in a hard plastic blister pack that basically needs to be destroyed to free the case from it.

I don't know what this is called, as it doesn't have a fancy name on the package or even a name, really. "Genuine Leather Case for most smartphones" is printed in the left corner and "Compatible with most smartphones such as BlackBerry, iPhone, HTC, Palm" is on the bottom.

Design & Quality

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Evo-caselogic-case-des (6) 

Evo-caselogic-case-des (5) 

Evo-caselogic-case-des (7) 

Evo-caselogic-case-des (8)

The case sports a clean, professional design with matching black stitching, soft gray suede-like lining, a light sheen, and rounded corners. It has a non-removable belt clip, partially open sides made of leather and elastic, and a strong magnetic closure.

Evo-caselogic-case-des (2)

Evo-caselogic-case-des (3) 

Evo-caselogic-case-des (4)

The leather is lightly cushioned and very smooth. Stitching is even and the edges of the cutouts are nicely finished as well. It's a nice case, to be sure, but it definitely isn't a slim one.


It adds a fair amount of bulk to the EVO, which is good for protection but also something to consider if you don't plan to make use of the belt clip. If you want to carry the EVO in your pocket, for example, then a slimmer case would be a better choice.



Evo-caselogic-case-in (1) 

Evo-caselogic-case-in (2) 

It's a snug fit when putting the EVO into the case for the first time, but it gets better over time. It never becomes an effortless slide-in, though. The bottom cutout is useful for pushing the phone up when trying to remove it from the case. It's possible to hold the EVO itself and pull it out, but it takes a bit of wiggling and pushing it from the cutout first makes it easier.

Evo-caselogic-case-in (3) 

Evo-caselogic-case-in (4) 

Evo-caselogic-case-in (5)

It takes me about 3 seconds to open the flap and remove the EVO, which can sometimes make answering phone calls rather frantic, especially if I have to dig the case out of my purse first (I don't wear a belt).



This Case Logic leather case isn't one that I'll be using once the real EVO accessories begin shipping. It's served me pretty well in the meantime, though, as there are very few available case options right now and this one isn't bad. I may have been tempted to use it a bit longer if the belt clip could be removed; I like pouches more than silicone skins and other cases that aren't meant to be removed because I think gorgeous hardware should be touched/shown off, not hidden/encased.


Case Logic doesn't carry this case on its website and I haven't been able to find it online (it's difficult to search for something that doesn't really have a name!), but I bought mine from a local Target store for about $20.

I'll be reviewing a ton of HTC EVO accessories in the coming weeks and months, so be sure to visit Good and EVO often!

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