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Review: HTC EVO snap-on hard case

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Alongside the Body Glove case and HTC's various options (leather carrying case, hard case with interchangeable backs, and gel cover), Sprint is also selling an unbranded white and silver snap-on hard case for the HTC EVO 4G.


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Design & Quality

Yikes! Talk about doing a disservice to the EVO's gorgeous hardware. I know that everyone's aesthetic tastes are different, but this is seriously the worst-looking case I've ever seen for the EVO.

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Don't let all those silver accents fool you: this case is plastic. It's a really cheap and flimsy plastic, one that you could break pretty easily with one hand. If you hold it in the palm of your hand and squeeze, it bends with very little effort.

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The interior edges of the silver trim on the sides of the case are rough and unfinished; the back is covered in a patterned white vinyl with imperfections and even visible glue in the corners.

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The case snaps onto the back of the EVO with ease and features silver-bordered cutouts for the camera, ports, and buttons.

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Everything has its own cutout, even that small notch on the back of the phone. Yes, the one that lets you take the cover off so you can get to the battery and microSD card.

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In other words, the cutout is just an unnecessary way for whoever made the case to use more of that silver trim.


I can't believe Sprint is selling this snap-on case for $19.99 with the words "Sprint Tested. Sprint Certified" on the package. Whoever approved this case should get their eyes checked.

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It actually doesn't look that bad from the front and would probably be less hideous if it came in black, but it's still the ugliest, most poorly made case I've seen so far. My EVO needs a shower to wash off "the cheap" now.

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