Second-gen Sony Vaio P finally hits US SonyStyle, available for pre-order

The wait may have been excruciating, but it finally comes to an end today for anyone in the US wanting to buy the new Vaio P without having to resort to an import model. But the news is not all rosy, as Sony apparently thinks we Americans might not fully appreciate the benefits of a faster processor or larger SSD storage, let alone integrated WiMAX.

The new model, VPC-P113KX, now shows up on the SonyStyle website for $899.99 as a pre-order option, with delivery expected by about June 25th. The same rainbow of colors are available as everywhere else, with the exception of the crocodile pattern, but the hardware omissions are what's disappointing. Only one configuration of the Vaio P is available, and that consists of the base model with the aging Atom Z530 running at 1.60GHz. For SSD size, as long as 128GB is large enough, then consider yourself golden.

For those of you who currently run with the original Vaio P, most of the other specs should be familiar, including the 2GB RAM, 802.11bgn, and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR. Also making an encore visit is the integrated Verizon Wireless mobile broadband, which is a bit of a let down when compared to the unlocked GSM and/or WiMAX that many other countries have access to.

Overall, this seems like a disappointment from Sony, but the price is at least fair when compared to the imported models that some just couldn't wait to get their hands on. Of course, this could just end up as the initial model in a series with higher options, so we'll see how things shake out in the next few months.

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